Let's see your paincave!



Couple changes, different angle


This is pretty much the exact setup I use. I have some hue and Lifx lights that are controlled as well to help set the “mood” so to speak.


I like those bike wall mounts. Did you make them yourself or buy them?


A carpenter was doing some work for me. I did a sneaky and asked him to make these! Very practical.


Class pain Cave. Love all the medals and race numbers and the Motivational text on the walls.


So I only have an old wooden shed to use for my indoor training. I live in a small country town in Australia and it gets quite hot!!! The shed is 70 years old and falling apart but I found some old paint lying around so I gave the walls a lick. Trying to convince the wife to let me bring this stuff inside… Maybe a silent trainer??? Any tips would be appreciated!!!


Great setup, like the black board idea.


New setup, in from the garage to basement. Need to add another fan.


Just need a foam mat, cheap $30 from Bunnings.


Love the stand. We use those at work for lighting rigs.


Last year I used Sufferfest…this year I will prep for tri season with TrainerRoad.


@Smithy Love the chalk board idea. +1 eat plants

Kickr Core is super quiet. I used to have to work out in my garage and it crushed motivation. That’s a pricey upgrade, though.

One thing that helped me in the garage was having some place to toss clothing without interrupting my workout (e.g. having to be careful where I put it) or tossing it on the dirty ground. That way, I could leave my apartment and know that I’d be able to layer up/down as much as necessary based on whatever temperature it was going to be outside at the time.


Pfft! Luxury.



I think the results here are skewed. The people with really nice pain caves love to share them. The people with dungeons, generally don’t.

I say us dungeon masters start sharing our pathetic, dark, cluttered messes and without shame!


is this dungeon enough?

ok my set up is not really that bad… but more a work in progress


Nice @EdMuggles, is that a DR650 there?


heehee yep, 70,000km and still going strong :stuck_out_tongue:


With a name ending with “dawg” you absolutely had to have asthma :wink:


old fixie on a Kurt Kinetic, with a Power Tap hub. Used bike, used trainer, new hub was less than the cost of a nice smart trainer. No parts to sweat nuke.

a 48 x 17 gives me everything I need during the winter. I don’t do sprints, but this gearing allows me to do anything from zone 1 to low zone 6.


Begs the question… Why the Brake Hoods then?

I hold onto the top or drops when doing TR workouts!