Let's see your paincave!



If he’s training to ride a normal road bike outside, the hoods are a very common hand position. Make sense to have it inside, for specificity… not to mention more options to mix up the loading on the body.


Exactly, Chad. The dummy hoods are there to have that hand position, so everything lines up like my road bike.


Updated the Pain cave a little.


Thanks so much for the tip @freeridr05. Ill have to look into a little bucket for the clothes. And yes, Kickr Core is expensive hey!


New setup today. Kickr Core and switched from my road bike with PowerTap to my old XC MTB that is more like my race bike.


I always have company during my training. That lazy dog is just waiting to see me suffer.


Suffer! Woufff. :blush:


Neat stand. Custom made?


So I upgraded my paincave today to be able to run TrainerRoad workouts and Zwift at the same time. I have one PC, and an HDMI monitor connected to it. The trick is, you need two Ant+ dongles:

One for TR, one for Zwift. Make TR the one that controls the trainer (Kickr in my case) and just let Zwift see the Kickr as a power source but don’t let it control the power. She’s a good’un!

I’ve got the ramp test tomorrow so I’ll see if competing with the virtual field affects my perfromance any :sunglasses:


Just be aware that every so often (once or twice a month in my case) Zwift will try and grab control of the power… it’s worth a glance every time you start up Zwift and unpair as required… Looks good, enjoy :slight_smile:


Yep, I’ve noticed that too. I suspect it will be OK if Zwift is in resistance mode and TP in Erg mode, but you can’t have them both in Erg mode. In any case, I always check the settings and unpair the Kickr as a controllable source in Zwift. Thanks!


It has nothing to do with “modes”.

The issue is which app has “control” of the trainer.

  • TR will have “control” if you have the smart/controlled trainer paired.
  • Zwift will have “control” if you have the smart/controlled trainer paired in the “Controlled” box of the device screen.

If you want to run a TR workout, and use Zwift for distraction you MUST NOT have the smart/controlled trainer paired in the “Controlled” box of the device screen on Zwift.

IT MUST BE EMPTY, or the two apps will fight over the trainer and you will experience odd behavior of the resistance.


I really like the pile of dirt. “I will conquer the dirt!!” :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

THAT’S motivation…


its the new whaoo drt, it extends the experience for MTB and CX training indoors…

adds to the indoor experience, I believe its due for release in the second half of 2019





A bit of an upgrade from the pre-move shot in the garage. Still not fully moved in, but the priorities are in line. :smile:


Tanks. It is custom made. :smiley: I work at Wolturnus, a factory where we make custom build wheelchairs and handbikes.


The Weber is great to heat up the room and practice for those hot smokey city summer rides :slight_smile:




I live in a block of flats (apartments) and have used a bike store for my paincave for the last 3 years.
Due to the lack of power sockets I’ve got the choice of a few USB fans.

Hopefully we’ll be moving shortly (to a place with a garage!) :smile: