Let's see your paincave!







True commitment


Not 100% there yet but gets the job done.


Finished the cave over the holiday.


Excellent choice in bike and in trainer. My setup exactly (though with Campy)!


Good job @julianoliver is not a woman


Rented accommodation, so nothing very fancy:


Looks good to me. Warmer than my garage



Added some new items I picked up over the holidays. New monitor, new fan, (Vornado. So so good!) and a new bike.

Rollers, turbo, two fans with remote switch, two displays, a ton of sweat rags, and a desk drawer full of snacks. I’m ready to go hard this winter. Outside is pretty brutal in my locale right now. I moved to a place with a far rougher winter than I’ve had in the past. I needed to go all out on my trainer room to handle the next four months of winter.


Corner of the basement with my running buddy wondering what I’m doing. Vintage Wildflower towel on the bars (circa 1999, from my first tri career 1997-2004, returned to tri last year). Windows are behind; other bikes are behind and out of the frame on the right, as is the work stand.

The distraction on hard workouts is clearly visible: I’m using the shelves of my daughter’s former desk to store wine, so I have that to look at when I’m not looking up. My constant companion, who eagerly joins me when I descend to the basement, lays in his dog bed that’s behind where I’m standing.

Only drawback: no internet connection except for a weak signal on the phone. Our apartment is 3 floors up, and the basement is mostly underground with thick insulated walls to the outside (I live in Switzerland). What I watch, I have to download to the laptop as the superthin Macbook can’t run TR. I run TR off my phone.


After 10 years of marriage I finally got my own workout room!


When I first described the concept of trainer to my wife she thought I was nuts. When she saw it in action she wanted to do it too. Next the kids got into it and we ended up with traffic jam in the basement. Took three years but we now have a station for each of us. The best part is riding together. That we can each ride at our own pace while still being together is just amazing.


Hey @Syd_Nakter, Props on a first-world solution to a first-world problem! Chapeau!



Nothing fancy but it gets the job done. Note 10s lemond hacked to work with 11s group and second 10s lemond now 8 speed for my partners trainer bike :slightly_smiling_face:


Your own room or your own apartment!? That’s huge and immaculate!

I have ‘caved in’ and introduced the luxury of a cheap TV and an original Apple TV to my Ice Cave. I will grudgingly admit that it has encouraged me to brave the cold, and can see why people like their luxury setups. But it’s still not right!

Photo to follow.


Found the sweaty one! :joy:


Glad you made the right decision and got rid of the wife… you gave it a good 10 years though :rofl:


What rocker plate is it? Did you buy it or build it yourself?