Let's see your paincave!



I built it myself


The 4th bedroom put to good use:

The platform that the Kickr is on will eventually go away and be replaced by a rockr plate.


What are those bags on the left of the TV?


Kitbrix They are vinyl on the inside, so you can easily wipe them down.

I use 2 (they zip together) at races / events: one for clean clothes to change into when I’m done + extra ride clothing (heavier / lighter vests, etc.), and the other holds my shoes / helmet / sunglasses (in case).

My wife does the samething with hers for running events.


I’ve been thinking of getting these for a while, they are apparently very popular in the UK. I LOVE organization…


They work really well, plus being able to zip multiple together leads to 1 + 1 = 3 type usefulness math :rofl:


My pain cave. In the basement. Dumb trainer and washer and dryer as computer table.



Three 18’s and the music can keep pumping on those tough TR intervals!!!


Here it is in the “ready to ride” mode. Still using my 1990’s vintage Computrainer. The old Trek…lives a life of hell, paint peeling off because of the sweat, but she keeps on keeping on.




Here’s mine!


You have a ridiculous number of medals there!!!


Yeah, had them in a drawer. My wife surprised me with the framed race #’s and the mounted medals for my 60th birthday!


We’re quite fortunate that the corridors in our house are 5ft+ wide, so we don’t need to use a spare room for our turbo setup. A basement or garage might be ideal for coolness, but we have neither.

Mine is the Tacx nearest the camera, while my wife has the Elite Rampa by the window. Having bought me a Neo for Christmas she now wants one for herself, so the Elite may be short lived!

The Cleva fan literally arrived an hour ago, so I’ve not had a chance to use it yet, nor set up a remote switch for it. I added inline switches to the power cables for the Honeywell fans which are attached to the underside of the shelf within reach, so they can be turned on or off from on the bikes.

As you can see I’m a big screen-whore, requiring one for Zwift, one for TrainerRoad (on a gooseneck mount) and one for YouTube… I’m paying less and less attention to Zwift, so might switch that and the tablet around so I have YouTube/whatever on the big screen and Zwift on the tablet.

If you’re wondering how the shelf stays there - the windowsill is about a foot deep and there’s a big stack of weights on the other end of the shelf!


First person view:


You require much in the way of entertainment…



They are awesome. Just be wary because the shipping on them can be extortionate (to Canada at least). I landed up getting mine shipped to my sister in the UK and then waited until my dad visited and brought them over for me.


A similar system that might be easier (read: cheaper) to get stateside is the Mountainsmith Hauler/Cube gear storage system. Very modular, very handy. Great at keeping kit separated and organized at home and in vehicles. Having a dirty laundry cube for after rides or while traveling is a lifesaver.


This is my tiny Brooklyn bedroom, where the watt magic happen!


Those weights must be huge to counterbalance the leverage of those screens and other stuff?