Let's see your paincave!



I built it myself


The 4th bedroom put to good use:

The platform that the Kickr is on will eventually go away and be replaced by a rockr plate.


What are those bags on the left of the TV?


Kitbrix They are vinyl on the inside, so you can easily wipe them down.

I use 2 (they zip together) at races / events: one for clean clothes to change into when I’m done + extra ride clothing (heavier / lighter vests, etc.), and the other holds my shoes / helmet / sunglasses (in case).

My wife does the samething with hers for running events.


I’ve been thinking of getting these for a while, they are apparently very popular in the UK. I LOVE organization…


They work really well, plus being able to zip multiple together leads to 1 + 1 = 3 type usefulness math :rofl:


My pain cave. In the basement. Dumb trainer and washer and dryer as computer table.



Three 18’s and the music can keep pumping on those tough TR intervals!!!


Here it is in the “ready to ride” mode. Still using my 1990’s vintage Computrainer. The old Trek…lives a life of hell, paint peeling off because of the sweat, but she keeps on keeping on.