Let's see your paincave!



I have one of the original Mountain Smith bicycle cubes. Love it. Did not think it possible, but looking at the link of the new cubes, I see they have improved it. Not cheap, but dang it is worth it.


It’s not on Mountainsmith’s own website anymore, but they apparently do still sell the original cube hauler systems on Amazon. The new ones look are pretty awesome - especially the cycling cube and cooler cubes - but I do like the simplicity and 4 cube capacity of the original system.



I just counted for you: 42.5kg, but I think 30 was “enough”…


OT: How did you determine saddle height? My groin, calves and back of my knees hurt just by looking at that picture. Or maybe you use a pedal technique where you only tap the pedals at the power phase instead of pushing all the way to the bottom, like you would in a low inertia situation (MTB/climbing). I’m genuinely curious.


Teddy in the background looks whacked! Just finished Mary Austin? :wink:


@osmondcreative is your saddle too high? Your leg looks nearly at full extension and that you’re pointing with your toes just to finish the pedal stroke at 6 o’clock.


@MI-XC No the bike is fitted and I have no issue with it for the last few years. :+1:


Can you juggle chainsaws at the same time?


The one I saw recently on a GCN setup video is to sit with your leg straightened with your heel on the pedal. That way way when you are in your normal for position your one will be all slightly bent.


That is one of the oldest methods for saddle height around. Literally decades old.

  • It’s not horrible, but you have to recognize that the variations in the person, shoes, pedals and such will all impact the results.
  • Not to mention the tendency for people to rock on the saddle when doing the leg stretch, that can influence the results as well.

There are several other methods that can be done via calculations based on inseam as well. In any event, it’s useful to have a check from another person to see how it looks in motion. A camera can help if you don’t have someone able to watch.

But as this is all off-topic, we should probably start a dedicated fitting thread if we want to go further.


Please, create one.

These two articles would be relevant, regarding saddle height:




You are all much better photographers than I. Vornado fan, TR on Laptop, Baby monitor on the side!


I just bought a Shiv and need to finish the build.

How do you like yours?


I like it a lot, but full disclosure…first week on it and first tt bike lol


Looks like you’ve got an interesting session ahead of you :wink:


Ok…wowsers. We have a heatwave in Australia at the moment and the shed it getting up to 45 degrees plus after 7:30pm (when kids are asleep). I have three fans and a cooler.

Any cooling tips? I cannot train in the morning as the wife likes sleep ins and if one of the young children wakes up early I’m a dead man if caught on the trainer!!!


A few changes. Pulled out the spin bike for my wife and changed my Stevens to an older Giant TCR which will likely become a dedicated trainer bike.


Handlebar clothes hook!