Let's see your paincave!



So much space! :+1:


Nice pic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nebraska real estate! Lol


only got a tiny flat, so my bikes are in my living room. got a custom phone mount for a Samsung Galaxy A3 with ANT+ (https://blog.trainerroad.com/custom-phone-mount/) as well as a JBFlip loudspeaker.

from my bike I can either watch the wall or the road outside. Laptop for watching youtube optional :slight_smile:


Too be honest I have the same problem but have been avoiding it.

One suggestion I have heard is ice on your back (in a stocking). Cools the body and as the fan hits it cools well but I haven’t tried it.

Otherwise I know ryobi have a misting fan that you can get at Bunnings. Sprays a water mist with the fan. Something like that might help but you might also just be drenched at the end of the workout.

Let me know if you get any good solutions.


How do you find having a phone mounted on your bars like that? I have a similar mount for when I need to nav on a ride IRL, but I’ve assumed if I tried to put my phone on it for a TR session I’d just dribble sweat all over it and render it unusable!


works pretty well for me and I’m a heavy sweater. with the fan and a towel I got no problems whatsoever.

just recently got the newer version of the A3 (A3 2016/2017 which I think it’s are of the best phones out there - price, size, quality), I just keep the old one solely for workouts or listening to podcasts etc. the newer one’s IP68 waterproof as well


I think I need to figure out how I can mount my wireless keyboard to a garmin mount so I can get some work done on recovery rides…


It’s cool to see others’ environments. I’m lucky to have a dedicated workout room in our basement. My setup includes:

Kickr ’16 with my SpeeDeck rocker plate

New-old-stock CAAD 4 with mish-mash of Ultegra and 105 10-speed drivetrain

“Gaming”-style pc: i7-7700, GTX 1070, yada yada —plenty to support Z in 4k at 100 fps

Samsung 55” 4k tv

Spotify piped to an Onkyo Integra TX-108 and a pair of B&W DM602s

Two Lasko 20” shrouded fans with remote (second is above tv)

1/2” rubber cow mats on the floor

I run TR on the pc using a Suunto ANT dongle with an active usb extension cable. I run Zwift (yeah, I know) concurrently by passing it through the iPad to the pc via BT. I do have to use 2 cadence sensors to make this work but since the bike never leaves the trainer, it doesn’t matter. :sunglasses:


That looks pretty sweet but where are the subwoofers??


I should practice that - my chosen sport of dh mtb isn’t that dissimilar to trying to juggle chainsaws while bouncing off your fitness limits. In all seriousness this is one of the main reasons I want to build my fitness - not for pedalling per se, but just because my riding goes to pot when I start to tire halfway down a course.


Functional, not pretty…


I work from home, so my pain cave is also my office (I call it my Pain Cave of Productivity :sunglasses:). For the longest time I set up/broke down my trainer every time I rode it, but recently I set up a more permanent solution. Still tweaking it, but I like it so far.

(Also, yeah, there’s a big ol’ hole in my mat from my cleats. Oops.)


Your desk looks almost like Wahoo KICKR Bike Desk. This is new model, or something else?


I luckily have enough space to have my paincave in my living room with my home cinema.


I bet those blue graphs look epic on that screen! :slight_smile: :wink:


I run Trainerroad on my Phone so i have the whole screen for the movie.
And in my case it’s not possible to have TR on the screen, becaus i use a XBOX One as the video source.


It’s a knockoff I got from Amazon. Super robust, very impressive quality. And I paid less than half the price of the Wahoo desk.


Old school addition to the PC. Dad’s 1990 Basso Columbus on a used 1st gen KKRM (cheap on Craigslist!). Thing still rides like a dream, even if I ain’t going anywhere. :blush:. Looking to mix things up with some RPE work, and I get to ride dad’s old bike as a bonus.


Wow this post makes me feel old