Let's see your paincave!



another idea for the wife (or you): make a quilt out of the race shirts to hang (like a tapestry!) or stay warm, as a massive rag, or whatever. I’d take a pic of the one my wife made for me about 15yrs ago (and the pile of cut up shirts ready for the 2nd and 3rd quilts) but it’s in storage (it didn’t make the cut for our overseas move).


That is a good idea, I’ve actually seen that done.


Get a cheap table to bring that laptop closer to eye level. I bought a cheap hospital like bed stand.


That sounds like some neck strain. Down low is great. I can keep my head a little more up during long aerobic rides to simulate looking down the road, or I can keep my head down and just glance up with my eyes when pushing through tough intervals. [quote=“fenderperry, post:558, topic:375, full:true”]
Get a cheap table to bring that laptop closer to eye level. I bought a cheap hospital like bed stand.


Few shots of our home gym below. The space gets used almost daily by wife and I.

Quick rundown of the gear:

*** Weightlifting / strength ***

Rogue power rack (custom cut to 7 feet)
Body Solid plate loaded cable machine
Dumbells 10-50 pounds
Olympic barbell and plates
Variety of 1" plates, Bars, EZ Curl bar, jump ropes, resistance bands, plyo balls and foam rollers
TRX training system
Chin/Pull up bar bolted to floor joists
Adjustable platform for plyometric box jumps

*** Endurance Training ***

Bike trainer (Kurt) and eMotion rollers
Concept 2 rower (not shown)

12x14 foot 1" thick open mat area for yoga, P90X, Les Mills or whatever program the wife is running today :slight_smile:

3/2/2019 Added - Wife in the Cage doing Pin Presses :-]


Man I wish we had basements in Texas…


I don’t know how people live without basements, where do you put all your sh*t? It’s amazing having another entire floor. Also, it provides a perfect pain cave that tends to be just a bit cooler than the rest of the house no matter the season. I train underground man! I don’t understand you surface dwellers…


I wish we had basements/bigger houses in the…UK!

You guys are either all rich or your houses are cheap :thinking:



I’d breakdown in tears if I saw VO2 intervals on that screen!


Man, your kid is gonna be pissed when they find out you built your weight rack outta their construction toys! :open_mouth:


I have the essentials. Hope to finish the basement some day but this will do for now. Laptop swaps between the trainer and treadmill.


LoL - I’m the only kid in the house and wife is a full enabler. Life is good :wink:


Spot the bike.


Top right


Spot the crushing despair.


It’s not much but it gets the job done… I use an old dumb trainer, in my shed that’s quite cluttered, no fan yet… Using my fiancée’s bike as it’s too much faff to continually swap the bike onto the trainer and off


I think we need some interventions, via “Pimp my Paincave”, or “Cycling Horders”… not sure which is more important :stuck_out_tongue:


“My Bike Hoarding Life”




I think he’s gonna need some bigger baskets than what Ms. Kondo’s offering.