Let's see your paincave!



In fairness most of the stuff in the shed belongs to my landlord


Regardless, I would feel the uncontrollable need to sort, organize, and stack that tornado of junk into something far more sightly and less risky of tripping, etc.

That mess is crazy. I know that doesn’t bother everyone, but it would haunt my dreams.


Kicker core cheap but amazing lasko oscillating fan


I didn’t want to post it, but it triggers me somewhat as well. I’m not fastidiously neat but need a certain sense or order.


lol. I have a baby monitor on my stand every other day as well!



I do my workouts in my attic and it’s really the perfect place. There are skylights that open so I can get nice cool air flowing through if I open the big window it’s quite breezy. I’ve had the rollers for years but had a hard time getting into the indoor training before I heard about TR from a friend. I scored a good deal (IMO) on a used fluid2, powertap wheel, ant+ dongle and the homemade table/wheelblock for 340$. I’ve been loving the workouts so far and it’s been a lot more productive than randomly riding outdoors in the winter ever was for me. I think I’ll be on TR every winter for now.

edit: yes I’m also a bit of a hoarder/slob :smile:


Nice setup… having a window(s) to let in some fresh air is good for air quality purposes. I used to train in the basement and breathing in stale air for long periods may not be the best for my sensitive throat and lungs. With my set up near the window I can open it up a bit for an instant blast of fresh air.


Dumb mag trainer (which, “awesomely”, is still in TR’s list for virtual power!). I just run the Android app w/an ANT+ dongle. The TV is for whatever entertainment I want.


What’s the story behind the big stuffed tiger?


My sweat would sooooo destroy that carpet. Put plastic or something down.


He hugs it after every workout. Shoot, now I want a big stuffed tiger.


I also train under the gaze of Le Chat Noir.



Are you planning on sweating on my carpet?


If you don’t rip your legs off during the ramp test…it’ll do it for you.


Honestly though… this is our basement and it’s never above 70 degrees. At 4am when I head down there, I’m usually “freezing” for the first 1/2 hour of riding. I run the fan from the start so I don’t have to stop and turn it on during the ride. Also, I use a big towel for when I’m warmed up, but even then, I’m just not pouring sweat at those temps w/the fan.


Can a turbo trainer really “spark joy” though…?


Lol. Interesting thought.


Finally got everything setup. First time doing any sort of structured training. Enjoying it so far.


that rug is going to have a short life!