Let's see your paincave!



I’m glad that my carpet is of such amazing interest! :joy: But I’ll give you all some background. The reason it went in the basement is because it’s actually pretty wrecked already. Currently, it’s subjected to kid’s sleepovers, birthday parties, football games with food and drink, movie and popcorn nights, etc… Before being “relegated” to it’s current life, it lived in a dining room in our old house on a hardwood floor, in between the door to the backyard and the door to the garage. It was ground zero for dogs and cats going in and out of the house, numerous parties and untold numbers of meals with tons of kids. Not really worried about it anymore… Now…can we move on to someone else’s paincave please!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hard to tell if it Nylon, Polyester or wool… :joy:


That is your basement?! That basement would sell me the rest of your house :wink:


Well…this is the upstairs…




That is funny right there!


My pain (physical and mental) cave…

Work from home a few days… Had a bigger desk but it seems to have gotten smaller and smaller over the past year.


We live in a townhouse and I used to train in the unfinished basement with my Kickr Core.

Then, my wife and I went to the LBS for their February sale and the Snap was 25% off. My wife was interested but was adamant that she was NOT going to workout in the cold, dark, damp basement. So, the kitchen table - that we only used twice a year - moved downstairs, and the bikes came up.

She just started her third week of TR and I am very proud :relaxed:

(TV trays go in front of the bikes to hold the laptops)


Jealous of that woodway!


I wish it were a Woodway… I’ve only had the opportunity to run on one for 10 minutes and have lusted over one ever since…

It’s actually a Peloton Tread… I bought my wife a Kickr Snap hoping to get her into cycling however that didnt quite workout… She used it maybe three times. She tried the Peloton bike and really enjoyed it and the platform… Once the treadmill was released she wanted that instead (she’s more of a runner than cyclist)… I tried my best to convince on the Woodway but she’s a huge fan of the Peloton platform/classes.


Happy wife, happy life! :+1:


Your wife and you look disturbingly similar. Is this one of those things where a married couple starts to look more and more alike as time goes on?


Lucky you!


Ok, I’ll play. Finally got mine completely set up.


(looks around, nods approvingly, spies massive sweat stain on bike pad, backs out of room) :open_mouth:


Dang, lots of people here with some pretty awesome setups! I made the mistake of thinking I could have a comfortable life with a product engineer’s salary living in a city… So my ‘paincave’ also happens to be my bedroom. (I just turned 30 so maybe now is a good time to make a career / location change…?)

I also just got a kickr core and I’m really loving it over my magentic dumb trainer.


Love alle the WATTCAVES - wattman would be pleased…

I use my local gym with icg 8 bikes


Still rocking my 1st gen Kickr! Nice to still be ‘outdoors’, but I see none of it because I can only do TR before the sun rises, when it’s nice and cool.
TOO HOT in the afternoons here, hovers around 38-40d Celsius… Even the macbook struggles, freezes or crashes because it literally cooks :joy: few more months it’ll be cooler for afternoon workouts again!
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So this is where the magic happens, in more ways than one?!?


The title says paincave. Not pain terrace or pain bungalow :wink:

This all comes from a place of jealousy. That’s a sweet setup you have.