Let's see your paincave!



I’d be jealous, except for the fact that 100F is insane. Where are you living that has such punishing temperatures?


I’m guessing he’s in Australia.
Meanwhile over here in Canada, all I can see out of my paincave windows (when they aren’t frozen) is a bunch of white stuff. :sob:




In the summer

In the winter


Hahaha true! Caves would be a sweaty sauna. So… bring on the bungalows!


Yeah i’m north Aus, basically summer all year. oh and she* :wink: Would love to jump into snow right now!


Riding is riding.


I’m probably going to steal that floor light idea! It’s just what I’ve been looking for!


this is the most impressive monitor (aka projector) i have ever seen!



  • 33 year old receiver + speakers so I can hear podcasts
  • multiple fan on/off control


You beat me to it :joy:


Damn… Some of the Pain Caves are nicer than the hotels I stay in. Anyway… Here is where I face the beast…


“I love pink taco”… you must be single :wink:


Hahaha… It’s restaurant in Vegas at the Hard Rock. My wife and I used to eat there every trip.


Sweet setup, any info on the ipad mount? Thanks!


What happens when you start demo’ing basement but have to reprioritize on the kitchen

You get a crappy looking space for workouts but, we make it work! This is what it looks like when we’re both not riding and doing alternate exercises. I really gotta clear that area, probably full demo and just keep it bare until we’re ready to spend on rebuild. (fan is on the side…and gosh does it make a difference!)


Here is our new pain cave, compared to the old one. We kicked our kids out and are now using it.


thought it was a Bette Midler 1980s stand up comedy reference :rofl:


Thanks. I got it from Tacx for $40. I think it is on Amazon as well.


They integrate into the skirting boards and are perfect accompaniment to some banging music. Best personalised spin.