Let's see your paincave!




Got it from Amazon.



You’re all fancy. I train in a storage locker in my condo. I call it “Studio Storage” and the neighbors think I am really creepy.

The pink car is in no way related to the training but I think it really ties the room together.


Hard. Core.

Takes a special kind of Rocky to enter a paincave like that (not the creepy kind either).


You guys are all minted or something. Here’s my cheap (but wonderful) bike, in my kitchen, on my cheap but very agreeable trainer. I have my laptop in front on the kitchen counter.



Like @Captain_Doughnutman said, hard core. Can’t imagine to do one workout there. What‘s the reason/motivationand o/or benefit of training in such a little/tiny environment? (Serious question; no offend by any mean). The pink car is great. :blush:


Necessity mainly. Three bedroom condo in the city. I used to be setup in a bedroom until child two was born and I did not have any other options. There is no internet and spotty cell coverage at studio storage so I used to download what you can on Netflix and bring a laptop down. I found that I was rarely actually watching the laptop so I switched to podcasts and then switching to music for intervals. Its amazing what you can make yourself do when there are no other options. It is quite cozy and gets pretty cold during the winter, which is nice. The summer on the other hand…





Can you hear anything with all those fans running? Curious as I need to replace my fans with better air movers. But I really hate to only hear the roar of the fans.

I would do about anything for that view out of the window. My wife knows it too.


Is that a SkiErg? Never seen one before!


Want to mount the TV on the wall to make it a little higher. Also want to get a more powerful fan, really could have used it during this workout.

Of course post season baseball makes the paincave a little more bearable. Taking my anger at the Diamondbacks for missing the playoffs out on the trainer.

Trainer: Elite Direto - Using Stages power meter and Power Match. Mostly in erg mode, although this workout I used resistance mode.


The fans aren’t that noisy. They have three levels. Most of the time I run them on lvl 1, in summer time on lvl 2. They have big blades and move a lot of air. IMO it‘s better to use slow spinning fan with big blades, than small but fast spinning ones.

When on the rower allways a lvl higher as I sweat there much more.

I bought a pack of cheap remote switches and run the fans dedicated. So, usually only one fan is running.


Yessss. It‘s a great piece of eqipment. Love it.


Here’s my cave. Well, it’s not really a cave, it’s more of an underground park.

It’s our 2nd living room on in the cellar. Got my daughter’s and my bikes, a treadmill and a Bosu.

I have my iPad setup on Tacx iPad holder, and depends on the intensity, it’s either Netflix movies, or youtube Latin music.

What works:

What can be better

  • Better fans.


Work :unamused:

Hard Work :sweat_smile:


StacZero!!! Man did I have a hard time getting the spacing just right when I had mine. After a month of grumbling the Mrs agreed to let me take the Kickr plunge. Great “gateway” trainer though! :):wink:


That’s the new Halcyon. It took me a bit to set up, but thanks to the app, I got it just right this morning and it was great. The auto calibration sets the magnets perfectly and the app tells you if the bike is not centered or not. I think once I put the P1 pedals on it and have it calibrated to those it will be perfect! It’s a tough choice between that and the gen1 Kickr :slight_smile:


I think you’re missing the obvious improvement of more beer of a better quality. Is that… Carslberg? :nauseated_face: Time to stop the training and make some real changes in your life :wink:.



We compramised, she gets the house I get the garage. The shed is for clutter, the garage is mine.