Let's see your paincave!



You’ve got a a few fans


Basement has tiny windows and not the best air flow - I might get a few more! :blush:(Plus, home depot was out of the Lasko - might get on online)


Out of shot is my headwind to try and keep me cool, room not finished yet but getting there.


My stationary bike setup, I use two monitors so I can run TrainerRoad on one and e.g. Netflix on the other. The bike doesn’t support ANT+ by default, so I had to implement that using a Raspberry Pi with an ANT±stick in order to use TrainerRoad etc via ANT+ FE-C.


Not the latest photo, there where some upgrades. Upgrades are permanent :slight_smile:


Here’s mine. I’m actually facing my main telly (not in picture). I’m using a tablet that I will place on that black high chair that has ANT+ for my HR strap and Quarg PM.


My first post here, and I’m amazed by some of the spaces you guys have!

Not really an option here in Manhattan, unfortunately. This is my setup. I work and train at the same desk.


When I’m done I just fold the Kickr’s legs and slide it next to the sofa bed (at least when we don’t have guests).


Damn…pretty cool


This is my Paincave, on the music stand i have my laptop with TR and on the screen the most time Netflix. The most important piece is my fan, without i will melt in a minute…


Some of yall have fantastic lighting. I keep my room reasonably dark, I dont know why, but it helps my mindset. Some of these rooms are lit like operating rooms.


How do you find the Headwind. Over priced I know but is it effective.


Agree it’s a steep price to pay but for a single fan I think it’s a great bit kit. I was struggling earlier this year with overheating with no base layer or jersey and just a desk fan trying to cool me but now with the headwind I find that I’m wearing a base layer, run it at 25-50% most of the time and under extremes I can run it at 75-90% and it’s keeping me cool. Not used it paired to my hr strap or speed as frankly it makes no sense to use it this way, I use the app and control it based on the interval upcoming and my needs.
Noise wise you can hear it with no headphones on in the room but I never hear it with headphones and Netflix or music playing, wife says she can’t hear it downstairs.
I would recommend it but you have address the elephant in the room, it’s eye wateringly expensive, come on Wahoo get a grip. Had I not sold a few bits and bobs I would not have bought it, it’s £200 in the uk and yeh I got some discount but still ouch.
Any other questions just ask.


I have some smart bulbs that I can alter the mood in the room, it’s normally darker during training for me too.


Nice! What kind of saddle is that on the right hand bike?


I’m contemplating the upgrade but after taking the hike on and off a few times, I got used to using the little spacer. But that’s months of swearing. It’s good to know they started shipping, though.


Same here. I find that additional stimulus very important to reduce RPE.


My pain cave is the garage, which has been converted to the only room in the house that is still MOSTLY mine (I have 4 kids and they are liquid, they slowly spread into every empty space…). Anyway, The over head lights are obviously task focused, very bright LED tubes in industrial fixtures, however, because I spend some non work time out there, I’ve also begun to transition to some smart bulbs in random fixtures. I’ll post some pics when I get home tonight, but I just chimed in to say that’s a really good idea. :wink::+1:t4:


Where did you get that stand? Expensive? I’m thinking about something like that as a good spot for a laptop or ipad.



Pretty inexpensive. Works great.


For fans, I went with a carpet drying blower, as this seemed to be the best CFM/$ ratio. It’s not as easy to aim, as it’s designed to just blow along the ground, and the air stream is fairly narrow. I’ve been happy with this one - it is quite powerful, has 3 speeds, and was $99 for 900 CFM.
I have a few smaller blower as well, but this one is dramatically more powerful. I got it towards the end of the summer as I was doing some workouts in the afternoons, and it made a big difference in my cooling.