Let's see your paincave!



Need a cleaner mat, methinks.


Took me a while to find the bike :wink:


Everything in my setup has been bought used or donated by a friend. No need for it to be pricey to still be pretty sweet!

I switch between the rollers and the trainer for the bike - I’m lucky enough to have a treadmill in another room. I use the kettlebell and the weights/bench for strength training.

The best thing I’ve got is a 3d printed disc that fits the wahoo mount. Flat on one side. I super glued it to a phone case so I could easily mount my phone in my wahoo mount.

Like many others in this thread, I would like a bigger fan.


where did you get the 3d printed disc for the wahoo mount? That’s a great idea for the phone case…


:+1: for all the crammed paincaves


There‘s a bike? So many other interesting things :rofl:


A few years a go I was inspired by:

but then, I didn’t have a garmin mount so I googled up this:

Shapeways is a website/community where people do 3d printed stuff. Totally legit, recieved it about a week after ordering and its worked perfectly well for a few years now.



Fans (2)
28" LED + 19" LED screens
PC (Trainerroad, Zwift)
wireless keyboard/mouse combo
amazon basics soundbar
Wahoo Kickr (2016) trainer
cycleops climbing riser block.


Coming in clutch with the projector. Kudos.


You know I just took down the projector and went back to two TVs. The room isn’t long enough for a big enough screen for the projector to be worth it, as you can’t be in the way of the projector and the wall, whereas with a tv you can just get closer for it to be more immersive


I did the exact same thing and it has been awesome. Printed like 10 of them because once you pay for the setup costs the additional prints are super cheap. Took me a bit to find a case that was sturdy enough but eventually found one at a kiosk at the mall that was perfect.


Very cool


how do you like the climb? does it work well with TR?


I love the climb. I use it in manual mode for TR and raise / lower ad hoc, but it will work in auto mode in TR based on %ftp. Auto mode in Zwift is super fun! It has actually helped me ergonomically in that it encourages more frequent position changes in the saddle. It’s pricey but I personally have found it well worth it.


Pain cave was kicked out of the guest bedroom so I moved it to her side of the garage… I was very lucky to be given the treadmill and to buy the kickr from a friend who was upgrading to the newest model.


I’m digging the mount for the TV and 2 fans!


Thank you! The whole unit rolls back and forth between the bike and treadmill.


From the warmer side of the world


This paincave is for the whole family…

His and her Kickrs and enough activities too keep younger kids occupied through the whole ride (rings, mini rock wall, scooters, tv, etc).


…even a comfy place for the dog. :heart_eyes: