Let's see your paincave!



I want to be you. LOL. Amazing!


You were GIVEN a woodway? Drool! Slobber. Those are soooo nice to run on.

How did you mount those fans?


The woodway was heavily used and the guy was tired of moving it around for his job.

The fans are normal tabletop Honeywell fans. They have a wall mount built into the base. On the bottom fan, I had to take the base off the fan housing and turn it 180 degrees. Otherwise, it would not rotate upwards. It’s very easy to rotate the base. Just watch for the tiny springs.


It’s cold out there in the garage in the winter but she won’t let me in the house with it. Can’t lie that first 10-15 minutes is pretty rough when the temps get in the single digits in Northern Michigan but after that it’s not too bad. Well other than my legs being numb. But maybe that’s a good thing. BTW. Those are her 3 bikes to the left.


Portable heater with a remote to get you through the first fifteen minutes. Luckily un Oregon, we stay around 40 degrees most of the winter (9 months of rain)


Have one of those and it does take the chill off but when it gets down that low it’s rough. LOL.


Grew up in Jackson, Michigan. Don’t miss those winters.


Here the only (admittedly really poor) photo I have of mine! I am setup in the garage, in amongst the rest of my biking bits and pieces. Currently have no power in the garage (other than a solar setup for lighting) so options for entertainment are limited.

Phone goes on bars on a garmin mount for TR, connected to a bluetooth speaker for music or podcasts (depending on the intensity).

I put this setup together to see if I would get on with training in this style, and was put together basically with the smallest budget possible. Second hand trainer, and speed and cadence sensors using Virtual power. This little setup was probably £50 all in, and to be honest is perfectly adequate to be able to effectively train. All the future updates I am planning are very much nice to haves :slight_smile:

Future plans:
Electrics are being run to the garage shortly to allow:
A fan(s)
A smart trainer
A pc with dual screens (one for TR and one for entertainment)

Painted of walls and ceiling white
Mat on floor
Sweat towel jobber


Who’s the boss? :partying_face:




I like a bit of ventilation for my workouts. Even during Scottish winter



I did say those 3 bikes were hers. :slight_smile:


That space is awesome!!! I’m inspired.


Sometimes your training partner is little.


Oh DUDE. I love the little bike on the risers. I’m so going to do this and my little guy into it. That’s such a killer idea.


What model numbers are your fans


Lasko Model 4905. Mine are the same as in that setup. I have 3 of them and they can create a small tornado. I spent a lot of time researching fans and they are both incredibly strong and surprisingly quiet.


Very nice! I was going to post a picture of my x-wife. However, I’m sure her lawyers would object and cause more pain!


Some fantastic temples of pain here, and then there’s my incredibly untidy effort. Yes, the fan is terrible. This was just before Eclipse. Double espresso ready to be downed is on the top shelf.

Tacx Vortex Smart is out of shot. In shot are the post workout reward shelves! I allow myself an occasional (ahem) beer or whisky if I’ve done well.

If you feel the need to replicate my setup (!), here are the product links you need :wink:
On-One Mary handlebar - super comfortable
Warwick Real Ale - great local and international craft ale
Bruichladdich - whisky