Looking for advice on a bike computer


+1 on the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt, I’ve had one for 6 months or so and love it. Easy to use, clear screen, great accompanying app (in my opinion) with plentiful customisation options for data screens. Love the ability to zoom in and out of data pages, increasing or reducing the number of data fields on the screen. Good battery life, did some fairly long days in the Alps in August and the battery was never marginal.


My ten cents:

I’ve owned and used a great deal the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, it is excellent and very easy to use.

I now use the Edge 520 plus, for the purposes of navigation I think it is superior to the Bolt. I’ll keep it brief but the Bolt is just not optimized imho for navigation and the 520+ does a very good job of displaying maps and giving directions for a small computer. My first time using the 520+ for navigation I had zero issues following a preplanned but new to me route, very intuitive.

I wear a Fenix 5 everyday, I do not like it as a road bike computer. I do use it to record MTB rides without a powermeter in places where I don’t have to navigate, and as much as I love the watch in general, it is not something I’d suggest for the bike.


More than happy with my wahoo bolt.
Works great with Komoot for mapping.
Form factor, sturdiness, battery life, general usability/reliability all excellent.
Screen resolution/readability could be better for navigation, but you get used to it.
Garmin works with some new or proprietary stuff (radar, light control… ) that I don’t need.


Anyone have experience with the Stages Dash? I’ve come into one, but I would probably not use the training software. Is there value having a head unit over and above a phone app?


I haven’t used Garmin so nothing to compare with but I’ve not had a problem with the Elemnt Bolt navigation. Loading in a route via strava is simple and I just switch to the map screen when I need to see where I’m going.


Can’t go wrong with a Bolt or 520. Pick one and go with it.


wait for the new Stages Dash, I have the first version which is faultless.
The L50 will have full mapping.


Seems like I’m in the minority but I had a Bolt and returned it as didn’t like the map display and the menu system. I have a 1000 (not 1030) which is much better than the 500-series and 800-series IMO. Bigger screen, suffers few bugs (although this may also be true now of the latest 500/800) and I find it really useful that I can create a route on a PC, save it, then send it to my 1000 via Bluetooth from my phone (also prob true of 500/800 series now). You have probably already come across it but DC Rainmaker website had thorough reviews of most bike computers.


Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT hands down. I could rant all day about Garmin Edge computers but the TL;DR is they have a touch screen. Wahoo’s physical buttons work in any weather with whatever you fancy wearing on your hands!


If its an entry level device your after then consider the Garmin 520. after two years yes the battery life suddenly reduced. Appears to have been the backlight coming on at 100%, think it may have been a firmware update screwing that up. It was very hard to notice in daylight, since I’m aware of this and ensure its always down to 0% in day time, I still get my 8-10 hours out of it per charge, which I believe is good for a two year old device, and the fact they still release firmware keeping it current, even with the odd mess up! I say entry level as there isn’t a lot of processor power and a lot of memory to load open street maps, but enough to do multiple day touring. I find it just works, connects to everything I’ve brought and has been reliable.


Another satisfied Wahoo user.
My Garmin went in the bin after countless crashes mid ride, taking me off course and refusing to talk to my laptop.
My ELEMNT doesn’t require a wired connection. I can send it routes easily and I enjoy the ability to customise it from an app rather than scrolling through a stupid amount of screens.
Try the original ELEMNT or Bolt. You won’t be disappointed