LOTOJA - the longest one-day USAC-sanctioned bicycle race in the US



Relatively new TR user and podcast listener, love the software and content. :star::star::star::star::star:

I am surprised that I have not heard or read much from any of the users in the forum or podcast about LOTOJA. It’s an awesome event. https://lotoja.com/

Are there any users that have done a majority of your training for LOTOJA on TR as your A race? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Did you do your long training rides outside and just swap out a TR workout?

Also, are “teams” in TR still a thing? I set up a LOTOJA team, if you plan on riding it come join that group.


I’m planning on doing LOTOJA again this year, though I’ve only started using TR a couple weeks ago so this will be my first time using it to prepare.

I live in Tucson which has brutal summers which is right when you’d traditionally be putting in big mile days for an event like LOTOJA. So, in the past I would do the local Saturday group ride (~4hrs) then come home and get on the trainer for 1-2hrs to do more endurance riding without frying in the heat.



Awesome. I think using TR for my the majority of training and outside for some longer rides will be a great plan.


Haven’t heard of LOTOJA but in terms of training I can’t imagine the approach would be much different from other long races like DK, Paris- roubaix or the dirty reiver here in the U.K.

Once you start going ‘long’ it’s about pacing, nutrition, and managing your body… basically having a strategy to get you through the race and manage the increasing toll of fatigue. From experience I know that If you can do 200k with 3500m of climbing, then with the same fitness you can ride a 400k with 2000m of climbing. But a 350k ride with 5500m of climbing you are going to have to manage very, very carefully

I train for long distance races and run the standard plan approach with some longer outdoor rides thrown in that take in a lot of hills.


Very true. The hardest part for me is usually the pacing and the nutrition. I really need to work on those this year.


Yeah nutrition is key in these long races, if you fall behind in your nutrition you will pay for it. During my first LOTOJA I really struggled to eat the food I had starting about 50 miles from the finish and I went from feeling pretty good to being completely wasted. My second time racing it I got my nutrition dialed in, ate 350 calories an hour (sometimes more in the beginning hours when the pace was easy) and stuck to gels/liquids for the last 1/4 of the race since I could force them down before my brain had a chance to reject them.

The hard thing with racing road races like LOTOJA is that pacing isn’t completely up to you unless you are off the front or out the back. So you just need to be as fit as possible so you can try and handle the pace the group decides to set.