LTHR from Ramp Test?


Can you determine LTHR from the ramp test? I’m about to start base training and want to track efficiency factor on my endurance workouts before progressing too soon.


I would have thought it would be difficult as your HR does not get a chance to level out, rather it is continuously rising during the test


That’s my thinking as well. Going to stick with the 20min test.


You could get a good estimate from a longer test duration but variables like temperature, cooling, stress, sleep etc will all need to be factored.


You should not estimate LTHR from a 20 minute test either. A 20 minute all out effort is above threshold.

Last 20 minutes of a 30 minute steady state maximum effort will be close to LTHR.


I was going on the information in Joe Friel’s latest Cyclist’s Training Bible. He recommends a 20 min test for FTHR (which I’m guessing is the same as or very close to LTHR) which you subtract 5% from. He also recommends the 30min test(which as you say the average is you FTHR) but says that the 20min test is ‘preferred’.

I really wish there was one agreed way to test. It would make life so much simpler!


British Cycling Test

British Cycling seem to agree on 30mins, with the last 20mins being your LTHR. Spotted a workout called LOLA the other week which was essentially a 30min TT, so I might have a bash at that and see what comes out of it.