Magene Gravat 2 wont pair via BLE, drop signal on ANT+



Anyone here using Magene Gravat 2 trainer with TR on MacOS, Im trying to figure out why my trainer wont pair with TR via BLE, its paired via ANT+ ok, but sometimes lost signal during a workout, like several times.
Tried 2 different ANT sticks, usb extended cable, placed usb near the trainer, turned off other BLE devices… wont help.
I rolled back to previous TR version (before Calendar) and it seems to get better connection, still testing.
The trainer works fine with Zwift and Wahoo Bolt computer via either BLE/ANT+, so maybe something is not right with MacOS Trainerroad platform.
Looking for help.


Hey there!

Support would be a great place to send this question! We have the best Support Team there is waiting to help you get everything working correctly! They generally tend to reply in less than a day but if things are busy it could take a day or two.

If you just shoot them an email at, they will get you up and riding in no time! :slight_smile:


Already sent this to support team, waiting for reply.


hi @Sub5, has this issue been resolved? my friend is experiencing similar issue.
if yes could you share how this can be fixed? thanks!


@bet609 Tried everything I could think of, also with other suggestions but nothing helps.
Swapped to a Neo, problem solved, happy riding.


Thanks for the reply. Are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth with Neo?


@bet609 BLE works fine with either Macbook or iPhone, no need Ant+ dongle :smiley:


thanks Sub5


I am also using Gravat2 while staying in China so I would like to see this issue resolved. Now I have been using Trainerroad with Win/ANT+ and I have been witnessing occasional drops with trainer.

Edit - the same with OS X. Also could not connect with iPhone either (with BT). I think I need to use the money back guarantee and go with Swift or Sufferfest and buy training plans from somewhere else as I do not believe here to be any quick resolution to this issue.