Mallorca 312 training


This is my first full winter using the Wahoo Kickr and TrainerRoad programme.
I have been following mid volume - Sweet sport base, Sustained Power base and today I have started Century.
My question is…when do I head out to get actual miles on the bike. I need to build in a taper - but not sure I have enough time?
The 312 is end of April. Any suggestions are very welcome.


Hi, I did the 312 last year and followed mostly an indoor TR plan until and beyond the 312.
It wasn’t my A event so I was in the middle sustained build when the ride took place but mostly I just subbed as many workouts for miles as I could outdoors while still getting in 2-3 of the quality midweek sweetspot/Vo2 workouts in. Mainly the weekend TR rides would become my longer and hillier outdoor rides and the easier ‘recovery’ Zone 2 ride midweek often became outdoor miles.

My advice is to just ride…depending on your experience level you just need to get your body used to spending that amount of time in the saddle. Its a long long day. Best wishes for the 312, I hope it goes well.


Thanks, I have been cycling for years and have done multi days in the Dolomites, Alps and Pyrenees. I was old school - getting winter miles in!
Love the simplicity of smart turbo etc. I have seen a good upturn in FTP and feel strong.
Haven’t made my mind up re: distance of 312 yet! :wink:


Build in a taper by grabbing weeks 7&8 from the plan and putting them on the last two weeks before the Mallorca 312. You may end up having to cut out some of the plan, but this will help you taper correctly for the event.

For outdoor rides, you can do them whenever! I recommend replacing the long weekend rides in your plan with outdoor rides and getting used to being on the bike for a long time.


I did the 312 last year, had planned to finish my specialty plan right before the event but had a week or two of sickness post Christmas and just ran out of time. I was only following the Low Volume plans - that meant I had time to fit in outdoor rides around the plan whenever time allowed.
Good luck, it’s a great event. Best advice I can give is get to the start early - our group was literally the last across the start line and although it spreads out nicely I found myself fighting early on to stay ahead of the time cut-off riders. They’re pretty strict with the time cutoffs as well and pulling down signs. I know a few that were left to find their own route back to the finish that were doing the 225 route. That final split point is also really close to the end of the 225 so can be quite a mental challenge to turn away from the finish and put in another 80km, especially as the first few km’s post the split are rough roads/tracks through fields.

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I have to say I found the route awful when we started heading back up and inland. All small, gravelly and pot holed roads with lots of right-angled left/right turns. The last bit was very mentally hard like you say!

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I’ve just found this thread as I’m doing to Mallorca 312 too.

I’ve been following the sweet spot base, sustained power build and am now into the high volume century specialty phase.

I’ve been doing the TR workouts in the week on the Wattbike and then heading out at the weekend for long miles. I’ve been building up the long rides and did a hundred miles last weekend. I’m planning to do another couple of century rides and possibly something around 200km+ as my last long ride about three weeks out (April 6/7th), before tapering. Keeping the intensity but dropping the long rides down at the weekend.

My goal is simply to finish before the cut off. Any suggestions welcome and good luck with your training.


Hi Lee, I did the 312 last year and am doing it again this year. A couple of suggestions would be to not waste any time at the feed stations as it quickly mounts up. I know that’s obvious but the number of people at the earlier stations was enormous and difficult to get through. I’d also recommend doing some heat adaptation training as suggested in the earlier TR podcasts. Salt capsules saved the day for me but it was very hot midday. Lastly I’d say don’t think that once you’re through the mountains that the hard work is over. I found the second half very taxing as did my mates. Good luck.


I did the Mallorca 312 last year and absolutely loved it.
I followed SSB Mid Voume then did abit of a general build, I then went to Mallorca 4/5 days before and did my longest ride ever (90 hard Miles) on the Thursday, Recovery day Friday, had some sort of nervous induced diarrhoea Friday night…
Woke up Saturday morning 4am for the start and rode super strong all day somehow.

Had only been riding about a year and was my first huge event so I was so nervous about it, went super well though.

Wasn’t able to do it this year due to a friends stag do, plan to do the 167 or 225 next year but absolutely smash it as I’m a much much stronger rider now.

Enjoy it!


I am in also, first time doing this event, the short route though (167k). This is not an A event for me, so I am in the middle of SSB II Mid Volume and my plan is just to continue training all the way through the event, meaning no taper and taking race day as a hard long workout.

Less than 7 weeks to go!

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Also heading for M312 (short route) this spring, being there already on Tuesday before and probably struggling to keep mileage down before the event - I just love the mountain climbs.

Any advice on % of FTP that is advisable on the first part climbs, i.e. basically from Pollenca to the top of Puig Major, in order to not risk too many matches burnt too early but not taking it too easy either?
On earlier visits I usually took the big climbs with 90-100% FTP, but then there are those coffee and lunch stops and usually not exceeding 120km on the same day.


Also taking part in my first 312. SSB 1&2 LV and will just about manage 3/4 of sustained power adding in a 2 week taper from century speciality as advised earlier. Club spins since October every weekend regularly knocking out 6 to 7 hours with climbing, tempo pace. This weekend did a 257km with 3000m 100km of it solo with a 26km average on Irish(heavy) roads. Just don’t want to go to hard earlier on as the section from Ariany to Arta looks to be tough. Best of luck to everyone with the remaining training miles…not long now. Some great advice from previous posts.


Hi all,

I thought I would just update this thread after the 312 at the weekend. My goal was just to finish the event, and I managed it! My total time was 12 hours and 41 minutes, of which I spent just over 12 hours riding and around 40 minutes at the various feed stations - including a nice beer at the final feed station in Arta.
I was really worried that I wouldn’t make the 9pm cutoff as I didn’t actually start until 7:40am, but I managed to catch up despite starting so late, and finished at around 8:20pm - so well before the 9pm cutoff.
Thanks for all the advice, hope you all had good rides.


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