Mantras - what's yours?


Curious as to what Mantras (or other thoughts/techniques) people use for training, racing, keeping focus, or getting through that difficult interval/workout etc.

I’ve seen a few mentioned recently - and it would be nice to collect some new/old/well used ones for reference or inspiration. Feedback appreciated.


After all, it’s not leaving my head anytime, so may as well use it.


Since @ambermalika mentioned it on the podcast, I have been using “Chin up, arms relaxed.” Simple, effective, unassuming.



I think I can


Greatness doesn’t come overnight.

Never stop climbing, no matter how high up everyone is compared to you.


“Eyes, Hands, Feet.” Got this from BetterRide camp. Use it on the MTB.

The other one is “Shut up Legs” – yes, stealing from Voigt.


Work on achieving MY BEST, and don’t worry about being THE best.


By the end of all hard workouts, I always think about Stelvio’s last 20K climb. I am doing Santini GF Stelvio this year and it is not going to be easy. Every time my legs tell me to quit, I say this is nothing, wait for another 4 months and then you will feel the pain. :smile::smile::smile:


Currently on my lightbox is “be all you can be” so this is my current one with exception to the curse words I normally use to spur me on.


I stole this from the book How Bad Do You Want It?

Champions are built on 1000 invisible mornings.

As a mantra, I usually just shorten it to “1000 invisible mornings” over and over again, often punctuated with self-directed profanity. Got me through Kaweah +1 this morning.


One batch, two batch, penny and dime…


I have this on the wall beside my trainer… works for me…


When it appears beyond reach - be brave, be strong and reach beyond.


Shut TF up and pedal

Edit; this is what I say to other people, not to myself. If you can talk and think about mantras you aint trying hard enough :joy:


My mantra is a picture. A picture of me with massive leg cramps obtained due to poor preparation before I did the 2017 Iceman Cometh MB race in Michigan. It was an horrific experience to have every muscle in both legs totally lock up at the same time. My friend took a pic of me reeling while standing next to my bike. And I still had over 10 miles of the race to finish, in the rain/snow at 34 degrees.


Ex Duris Gloria (Glory from Suffering ) from way back when, before Rapha claimed it (My mother is a high school English teacher and I grew up with Latin around the house).


Like this, thanks. (will replace “come on legs”)


I like the one Pete Morris gave on one of the podcasts:

“It already sucks, might as well make it really suck”…


Yep. I liked that one from Pete. What was one from @ambermalika about cornering. Something along lines of weight on outside pedal and inside arm…???