Marji Gesick 100, Who’s Coming With Me?

Anyone else scheduled for this fun?



You’re not alone; I be there for some abuse as well.


Add me to the list of abusive FUN!

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Did the 100 mtb the last two years, signed up for the Dumb Ideas duathlon category this year. Should be “fun”.


I only want half the misery so I signed up for the 50 (60) again. Maybe the 100 next year if I’m not traveling so much for work and my partner in crime doesn’t wimp out on me.

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@bmullin, any helpful tips, pacing strategy, etc? @kern0079 and @KFB what finish times are you expecting and how do you plan to pace it?

My wife will be doing the 50 this year as well. I’ll be out there in full support. I’ll make sure to give every one of you some words of encouragement as you are passing though. Kudos to all of you. Go get it.

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Thanks, we’ll need it! Look for the guy crying and near death, that will be me. Please give me a little push, preferably up hill.

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My primary, number one, absolute must, key to success in these stupid ultra endurance events is to smile and tell everyone you are having a good time. Even when you aren’t. Especially when you aren’t. I can’t get all Coach @chad on you can link the studies to show that smiling improves performance, but I find that it really does.

Don’t be ashamed to walk. It is technical and punchy. Sure, you might be able to clean that section. But can you do that a thousand more times the rest of the day. I know cleaning the technical punchy stuff just shoots my HR through the roof so I ride what I can, and then get off and walk.

Dropper post. It makes getting back on the bike easier. And riding the downhill stuff more funner.

Plan accordingly for water. Yes, there are no aid official stations. Yes, you can probably count on South Trailhead (40) and the Wurst Aid Station (65) plus stuff at Jackson Mine Park twice (70 and 90). No, it won’t come as soon as you want. Mile 40 and the South Trailhead is a long freaking ways away. Like, dang… how slow can I go long. If you can, get someone to top you off either at Forestville (17) or at Lowes (35) it keeps you from trying to conserve and getting dehydrated. Maybe again at Marquette Mountain (50). From there you might be OK solo.

My first year I carried a 3L Osprey hyrdation pack plus a bottle on the bike. Last year I did twin mountain feedbag style bags plus the bottle on the bike. Tools under the seat. Tube taped to the frame. A few miscellaneous things in my jersey pockets. A small gas tank bag with food stuffs. I much preferred going hydration packless.

Eat. It is super easy to get behind. You loose track of time. There “is no free trail” so you never think, “oh this is a good spot to take a hand off the bars and eat”. A handful of gels isn’t going to cut it for 11, 12, 20 hours…


Please note that I took 21ish hours two years ago. It was 85+ degrees and humid. I hate hot weather. I spent probably well over an hour on the side of the trail at various points trying not to throw up. When I finally felt good in the last 15 miles well after midnight I found my then girlfriend, now wife, who was running the 50 miler on the side of the trail, all alone, in the woods… I walked my bike the last 5 miles with her to finish together. Last year went pretty great. 14 and change (and a broken thumb, but we won’t worry about that part). Decent fitness, just OK bike handling skills.

Good pasta at the Pasta Shop or Casa Calabria. Good beer at Black Rocks. Supposedly Cognition is good too but I’ve never made it there in time :frowning:

Call Todd and Danny bad names, but then give them a big dirty sweaty hug at the finish.


Oh yeah, I wrote up a report for 2017. Apparently not for 2018.

2017 Marji Race Report

2018 super abbreviated report would be: Felt great all day. Passed a MUCH fitter friend at mile 95. They said “be safe”. At mile 96 I crashed hard, upside down in a creek, cramping calf, dislodged headlamp… Very sore thumb. Finished just fine, but the handshakes and high fives were not good. Great race.

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Thanks for the advice and great write ups!

A friend who I believe was the 1st single speeder to break 12 hours called it “The hundred that eats it’s young”…

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+1. You need way more calories for this beast.

If you are interested in following the progress of these tough individuals here is the link to the live race tracking. The 100 mile run and 200 mile out and back cycling have started as of Friday at Noon EST. The rest of the suffering starts Saturday. Good luck everyone.
Marji Gesick 2019 Live Results

Good luck MI-XC and everyone else doing the race! I just did the Ore to Shore Soft Rock in August and it’s awesome up there.

Good luck everyone! I’m hoping to do it one year – looks super… “fun” :joy: