McAdie +1....... tips anyone?


Nice work! Did you enjoy yourself? :wink:

I’d be interested to know that too actually, or whether it’s just a mental thing that we’ve been building up to for weeks?


Yup - the workouts get harder over the weeks, so week 1 helps you prepare for week 2, helps you prepare for week 3, he… etc. etc.

Good way to see the progression is to look at the O/U workouts and their intensity factor!

Week 1: Reinstein, 3 x 12 but 2 minutes UNDER, 1 minute OVER - 0.82IF
Week 2: Tunemah, 3 x 12 but 2 minutes UNDER, 2 minutes OVER - 0.83IF but more time @ threshold
Week 3: McAdie, 4 x 12, 2 minutes UNDER, 1 minute OVER - 0.86IF
Week 4: Palisade, 5 x 9, shorter ints but 1 minute UNDER, 2 minutes OVER and less recovery - 0.87IF
Week 5: McAdie+1, 4 x 12, 1 minute UNDER, 2 minute OVER, 0.89IF


At the same time the preparation is more mental than physical. I did about a 10% bump halfway through the ssb1 and was still able to execute all the over unders to completion. Getting better at locking yourself in the pain cave is a big part of cycling.


Thanks guys

Did I enjoy myself… I’m not sure that I did particularly. I was just having to focus on the task at hand. It was the first time I’ve ever found the cool down minutes ‘take forever’. :joy: I felt good afterwards though that’s for sure. Went out for dinner with friends and food was good - suspect it would have tasted good regardless of where we went!

On the progression thing - that’s makes perfect sense, thanks. I am glad I now have a rest week to finish up the plan with. I actually feel like it need it. Just Galena to do today before hand. Then ramp test tue 13th.


That’s the idea, @jonbar123. The intensity of the workouts climbs in order to accommodate improvements that take place between assessments. I try to dial things down slightly in those post-assessment workouts for this very reason - seems pretty cruel to immediately ‘reward’ FTP improvements with excessively brutal workouts. Best to save those for the end of the plan, when you’re good and tired. :wink:


@chad it seems particularly cruel that McAdie+1 is the toughest workout in SSB MV1 and it is also the ONLY workout in SSB MV1 that has no In-Ride Instructions… so not only do you have the work to contend with… it’s the first time in the season that your words of encouragement / advice / distraction have abandoned us :smiley:


Not for long, @kevingallagher. I’ll add that to the head of the ‘add-text’ list!


Thanks @chad, you have a knack of pushing me to the verge of breaking point and holding me on that knife edge with the text… countless times, just as the self-doubt raised its ugly head, exactly the right words pop up; “you’ve got this”… “be hard on yourself”, “do you need a break or do you just WANT a break”.
Thanks for helping us all to push ourselves us to the next level!


I have MacAdie +1 scheduled for next Saturday. For this and Palisade I think an accurate FTP and accurate power are critical. I’ve done these on my Vortex reported power before and found them almost impossible to get through. I also use the overs as markers within the interval to help me through to the end. E.g., it’s only 4 intervals, and I just need to get through 2 before I reach the penultimate one where I know I just have one more after. Some good music helps too.