Menthol Swabs In Nose For Time Trial Warm Up


I’ve not tried it but being sick and having an important tt this Friday maybe it would help open things up. If anyone has tried it, any products you recommend? Just cotton up the nose dipped in menthol? Anything else to keep in mind?


As someone who’s airways always feel clogged, this interests me. I’ve tried a few breathing strips, but they never just stay during a race.


Forgive my ignorance but can this be done within the rules (USAC, etc.)?


Olbas Oil (5 drops) onto cotton wool pads rolled up and shoved up each nostril usually does the job.


You could also get one of the breathe right strips. I’ve seen a lot of folks using those and a friend of mine uses it for DH racing.


If you’re going the nasal decongestant route, why not use Afrin? Pretty sure it’s not on the WADA list. I’ve never used it in racing or training, so do your homework(!), only following a sinus surgery, but man does it open you right up.

Adding a note: this should not be an every day thing, as the label indicates and an ENT would probably tell you only a couple of days in a row at most as frequent users can develop dependency.


I have some of this:

And I frequently put a few dabs under my nose before a TT to help open things up. I’m not sure if there’s a definable performance gain to be had but it makes me feel better. So there’s always that.


Yes. You’ll see pros doing this quite often when they’re warming up.


Afrin is physically addictive. There’s whole online communities of people trying to quit it. The physical dependency and withdrawal from it is miserable. I’d avoid it.


I was using nasal spray before every hard workout or race. When my doc found out I thought he was going to slap me. I did get scolded. Apparently with my asthma and low immune system when sick, using a nasal spray for continuous days is not recommended and could lead to rebound congestion.
Here and there sure. You can try a saline nasal spray as well.


My ENT surgeon talks about dependence on Afrin, and while he tells me it works great, he emphasizes to use it only a few days at a time. He has patients who’ve become physically dependent on it for better nasal breathing, whether that means “addiction” I couldn’t tell you. Hence my suggestion to use it prior to races, not as a regular training aid or every day thing. I should’ve been more clear.

That said, the limited times I’ve used it, it definitely works. User/buyer beware.


Also sidebar: can we quickly discuss the effectiveness of a breathing strip? I have asthma. It sucks. I have tried several strips and maybe I’m just not using the right one, but they all just fall off during a race/workout. Very frustrating. Anyone with something that works well?
Has anyone used the Turbine? I remember reading how it really didn’t help performance. Just hoping it helps breathing so I’m not suffocating


Can’t remember for sure - you were the guy maybe doing Valley of the Sun weren’t you? If so - that your big TT on Friday?


Try Breathe Strong.

Actually anything from OA is awesome.


It is but, I came down with a chest virus last Tuesday that has now enveloped my head. Hence I’m in the mode of trying to do anything possible…I know better and should probably skip it. Easier said than done after all this time and energy going into it though…maddening.


Ooohhhh nice! I don’t know what half that stuff is so I like it! Living on the edge :grinning:


Yeah I can’t imagine that’s fun times. Could you sandbag the TT and try to put all your effort into the RR and crit or are you hoping for a GC result? Which field are you racing? I’m in the 2s


I opted for one the masters. I’m a 2 and while we have a good 1’s group I can’t race with them here (thank God).

I was hoping for a GC but, I think that’s impossible now with the field that is very talented. I’m not sure what to do. The main thing is I don’t want to have a relapse and miss work needlessly…


It’s so hard to walk away from that type of goal but sometimes you’ve gotta do the sane thing for your health. Can always go all in on the TT and then make a game-time decision on Saturday - if you’re feeling crummy you can work the feed for your teammates and if you’re feeling frisky race away.

I’d say we should figure out how to say hi out there but given your sickness I’m not sure I want to be anywhere near you


100%. A dab or 3 on your glove, where you wipe your nose is awesome too.