MTB Marathon US Nationals - Info Wanted


who here has got the inside scoop on date/location or what the delay is?


It’s kind of alarming being that it’s usually around May


Well, they just posted some info for 2019 and 2020.
Going to Texas, April 27 this year.


Awesome, thanks for posting that! Been checking their site on and off for weeks now lol.

Now if anybody knows anything about that trail, that would be cool to chime in! I think I’m going to go.


Total crap show. Look at the USA Cycling Facebook page for more detail. Short version is this is the same weekend as Whiskey Off Road forcing people and pros to choose between the two. USAC is a joke.


Yeah I saw that, I guess they just don’t care, kind of not surprised though.


USAC has posted that they are going to change the date due to the conflict! But we won’t know the new date until next week.


Where did you see the post?


May 11th is the new date


On the USA Cycling facebook page


USAC did change the date after multiple people pointed out the fact that it conflicted with a race with a major pro payout (33K) May 11th is the new date and WELCOME TO TEXAS for the next 2 years.

Palo Duro Canyon is a great place to race/ride and being its the 2nd largest canyon system in the Nation is has its own microclimate. I raced there in June 2018 and it was insanely HOT at the top of the canyon it was right at 102 in the canyon base it was 116, typically in May the average temps are in the low 90’s there. The course depending on what loops they use will be a mix of fast and flat with flow to technical punchy climbs with matching drops and drop in the occasional rattle bug that wants to lay across the trail my add some excitement to any race.


is there any humidity to that heat? I’ve only raced in Austin before and just experienced dry heat there.