Music During Training, Eating in a Fast Race, Carb Loading and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 244

Tubeless tubulars are a thing too, at least in cross. Donnelly and tufo make them for the road IIRC. Then you can run sealant and use your tubular rims sitting around

As far as headphones as Chad mentioned, it is all about the fit for sound quality and drowning out noise. There are replacement tips in different sizes for pretty cheap to try out, I like Comply. I also find that when you start heating up, my ear canal seems to expand so they have to start tight.

Contrary to Jonathan, I actually find that wearing earbuds when mountain biking increases my skills, specifically in traction situations. I attribute this(unscientifically) to the dulling of one sense strengthens the others. Hearing rocks pinging off your frame and your tires scratching through loose over hardpack can be un-nerving, but is completely normal.

If I am already past the normal sound of tires holding traction, and I hear my tire breaking loose, it is already too late. I would contend that if I take away sound my tactile sense increases and I would feel these things sooner and react quicker. Just my observations.

But, this is limited to races that have low traffic, and you have to be very aware of others coming up from behind. For me even that “sense” seems to be triggered when wearing headphones, for no reason I look back and there is a rider coming.

Nate, a big thumbs up on not following the “sheeples line”(thanks Lee McCormack) on your gravel bike. It makes perfect sense for its application. If you want to add to the “unique look” check out Soma Fabrications “Condor” drop bars. Enjoy your supermodel.

I use them for CX/Gravel/road and get ridiculed, but they are amazing in the drops with only a 50mm net drop. I am 6’-4" with some back stuff(extra long torso) and these bars give me more comfy hand positions and way more control on rough descents, lower COG in corners, and a touch more aero without crushing my erector spinae!

Now in the Fall take that Pivot mach 4 SL w/ Live valve, throw some cx tires on it, drop bar/shifters/brakes, and you will have the ultimate cx weapon(as long is there is not too much running!)

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Ooo, I like that idea about the Pivot. I should have gone axs so it would be an easier change.

Just wanted to say thank you to the TR crew for noting that a more aero wheel does not affect handling. The old trope of not using a disc wheel in windy conditions needs to die out…a disc is always the fastest wheel choice (unless it is a hill climb).


My Crux was out of commission for my last two cx races last Fall and I ran my Yeti SB5 in stock form.
1.) I finished where I normally do
2.) my lower back was 80% fresher after the race and the following day

I am not sure about compatibility of tubeless 700c tires with 29’r rims, but if they are, I would just run those with a your stock mach 4 set up as a initial, low hassle cx race experiment. If that works well then a really short stem/drop bar set up.

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My wife has started drinking 0% lager. We tried all our favourites in the 0% form (Peroni, San Miguel, Moretti etc). All tasted wildly different to the alcoholic versions. We finally stumbled across a lager call FreeDam (blue cans with black writing). 0% alcohol and 100% tastes like a normal lager. I can not recommend it enough.

If I feel I have earned a beer after a work out I will now happily turn to a FreeDam 0%er.

On a Friday night though… maybe not.



In relation to Jonathon looking at the jaybird vistas; anyone on the wall about Bluetooth headphones get them!!! I’ve had several sets of Bluetooth headphones from several brands. My gf just for me the vistas for Valentine’s day, and they are the best I’ve ever had in every single way. Connection, sound quality, battery, and comfort.

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OK - so as I sit at my desk trying to actually quantify my carb intake for Snelling tomorrow - a couple questions @Nate @chad - I get .8-1.2 g/kg of carbs per hour - 1- Is that per hour every hour during the load (26-48hrs) - i guess so if we are topping off? I am mostly sedentary today other than doing some openers, and even at the low end it’s a lot of food. 2- Other than the morning of the race - I’m confused on the high GI vs low GI thoughts - I get why fiber isn’t good morning of - but during the loading taking in fruit and veg should have plenty of time to digest right? Is it more just a practical thing in that those foods are filling for the amount of carbs you get? Happy Friday, and cheers to some real beer after the race (or maybe one for the loading :thinking:) :beers:


Answered one of my questions listening better- 10g/kg per day. So now more wondering about the high vs low gi foods

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I think low is better, but it can be hard to eat enough.

I only say that because of the study where rice loaded better than bread, and they thought that was because of increased surface area of the bread made things digest faster.

My thinking is you want to spread out the carbs so that you can absorb them (think of that hourly limit).


I love your streams, and I listen and get something from every one. However, please don’t forget about us podcast listeners. There were SO many little inside comments and references to visual things in the room in this recording. It was very hard to listen to at times without the visuals and I felt like I was missing things. Thumbs up and 5 stars from me, just not quite the pro production you usually have.

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Thanks - tried it out for Snelling and felt really good all race until a crash in the final turn. Feels like a treat to load up on bagels for a few days :crazy_face:


@Nate, I just got a chance to listen to episode 244 today and wanted to touch on your asthma reference during your race. From your description, sounded like your were having difficulty getting air in. If it is anything like my issues, I wheeze during inhalation and struggle to get enough air in during hard efforts. Almost like my airways become restricted, and goes away in a few minutes after I really slow down or stop.
After talking to several doctors I finally learned of another possibility called “Vocal Cord Disfunction”, Or VCD, which is often misdiagnosed, or is in addition to, asthma. I have really bad issues with any relatively short and hard efforts like 5k’s sprint tri’s etc. and yes, sadly FTP test.
If it was problems getting air in, I think @Jonathan said ‘Like breathing through a straw’, you should check out VCD and check with your Dr.

Thanks for this. Is your issue mitigated if you use an inhaler?

Tried a few types of inhalers, but nothing made it better. In some ways, of almost seemed worse. They have not found a medication for exercise induced VCD and it is more muscular related and the vocal cords are actually closing a bit during heavy exercise, when they should be opening. Therapy often involves a speech therapist to retrain the muscle. After reading some info on inspiratory muscle training, I have just started some 4 week regiment and have actually seen improvement in less than a week. If it is placebo, I’ll gladly take it if it keeps working.

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Also, there are labs that can do test on Trainer or treadmill. They run the small tube with camera through the nose until they can see your vocal cords. Then have you exercise while increasing intensity to see what is happening