My road to 4w/kg

Hey everyone! Some background…I’m a 30yo Strength and Conditioning Coach with a degree in Exercise Physiology. Been riding about 3years here in South Florida. I never really got into the whole indoor training thing until recently. I tested my ftp about a year and a half ago and averaged 280w on the 20min test. June last year I had a gnarly bout of Ulcerative Colitis that landed me in hospital for about 3weeks. Long story short my hemoglobin was 6.2. Coming back I couldn’t even hold 100w without my hr and breath rate skyrocketing. Fast forward to today been cherry picking workouts on TR for a little while along with some outdoor training. I finally feel as if I’m getting back up to full strength. I’ve been riding with the A+ group on the weekends where we average 25-30mph with some 30+ sprints sprinkled in over 45-60mi. Mind you it’s totally flat here. Decided to do Bluebell today (with my ftp set at 251 after doing an 8min test about 2months ago) and after the warm up I changed course and went for an all out 8min effort… I landed at 345W! Making my estimated FTP 310. Meaning I’m finally at 4w/kg…I’m 77kg.
Just had to share. Thank you TR and the TR community. :raised_hands:


Congrats on a well deserved result!

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Thank man it’s been a journey!

Awesome job, well done mate that’s a punchy ftp and w/kg!

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Thank you!! Fast is fun! Lol

That was a tough journey. How did you get to 280 W before you fell ill with Colitis? I’m new to structured training, and I worked my way up from 140 to 170 W in past 6 months (mostly due to TrainerRoad). I’m looking to work my way to a higher FTP so that I can hold 20 mph on group rides (currently I can do 14 mph)

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Hey!. Originally I started riding alone. Building up to about 20miles on the weekend. Then worked up 5 or so miles every week all the way to 80ish miles. Typically I was riding only on Saturday’s and sundays. My pace was between 16-20mph. I could never hold 20mph at that time. Then I found a group to ride with. Maybe 5 of us that would leave from the local shop. I would ride 10miles from my house to where the group left from and I would stay with them usually never exceeding 20mph for what would amount to 30miles then ride another 10miles home solo. I think tacking in the solo time is what really contributed to the fitness. Once I could hold 18mph alone I knew I could comfortably stay with group at 20-21mph. Eventually I found a group that was maybe 15+ miles from my house. I would ride there solo and try and keep up with them. Only this group was wayyyy faster. I got dropped every weekend for about 4 months. I would hang as long as I could and when I got dropped I’d turn around and ride home solo. Eventually I stopped getting dropped. Then I started adding in some bridge repeats since we have no hills here big bridges was my only chance to really grind. My advice would be to ride with people faster then you. It may seem intimidating at first but it’s good for building your skills and your fitness. :slight_smile:

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Congrats! I’m at 79kg and at a 305 FTP — almost. there.

Good luck :metal:

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Keep it up. Won’t be long

Nicely done!
That’s my goal as well. Sitting at 3.6 now so still have a bit of a ways to go though not deterred. It will happen in due time.


Keep working it won’t be long now👍🏼

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I live right by that route! Any chance I could tag along one of these weekends? Would be awesome to ride with some TrainerRoad users!!

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We leave from The Cove Plaza in Deerfield 7am sharp both Saturday and Sunday.

Great work! :+1:t4:

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Thank you!