New Kinetic R1 Trainer - new Smart Trainer user, need help



Hey all, I got a brand new Kinetic R1 trainer, and am new to using a smart trainer. I have done 2 rides and am having some issues. Not much in the way of support out there for this trainer (I have a call into Kinetic) and not many users yet, but wanted to see if anyone has any ideas on how to help issues I am experiencing.

  1. There seems to be significant lag time any time the workout has significant changes in power. For example, going from a rest period to a sweet spot interval, the power increases, but can take several minutes to get to the actual sweet spot zone prescribed. I have tried it with Powermatch on and off, doesn’t make much difference. I have found that if I coast for 2-3 seconds to give the trainer time to “power up,” I can get to the prescribed wattage zone quicker.

  2. All seems well for a couple minutes, and then power starts to fade, up to 10% or more lower than the prescribed workout wattage target. Again, I have found that if I coast a couple seconds, it will catch back up. But should I have to do this? I was doing 20 minute sweet spot efforts this morning, and the longer I got into the interval, the more often I would have to coast to assist the trainer in getting to the power target. Near the end, it was almost every minute. I suspect it may have something to do with heat buildup…

  3. Suspect heat because the longer I did a sweetspot interval, the more noise this thing made. It certainly was not quiet.

  4. The Kinetic app seems like a joke, I cannot get it to work with the trainer in any manner, other than connecting to it.

The only good news so far, the rocking motion is nice. If anyone has any suggestions for me, please let me know. Being a new smart trainer user, their could be some user error involved, but something seems wrong.


Here are some initial recommendations.

  1. No. You should not “have to coast” using a trainer in ERG. That is crazy and should not be happening.
    • Assuming that you are holding a steady cadence and not changing, the trainer should read that and hold the prescribed target power.
  2. I would avoid using PowerMatch initially, just to reduce the number of variables in use and testing.
  3. Make sure you are on the latest version of firmware and you are following any and all calibration procedures Kinetic offers.
  4. I think you need to work hard with Kinetic initially, since very few people have even seen an R1, let alone used it,

I hate to say it, but this is the kind of thing I expected with this trainer. I have never seen Kinetic launch anything with an electrical current involved and have it go well, without a hitch. Their Smart Control release was plagued with braking issues that were mechanical and firmware related. They still seem to have some issues from what I have seen.

I hope you get some good answers and solutions from them, but I am not surprised by issues like this.


Thanks for the suggestions, if nothing else to know that this is not how a smart trainer should work. Have to say that I am seriously disappointed. Wondering if they will take it back and give me a full refund. I don’t have time to deal with this.

I was hoping a smart trainer would make my life easier, but this is quite the opposite.


Sadly, you’re not the first to jump into the messy world of smart trainers and end up with buyer’s remorse. I have seen similar comments here in the recent past.

I love smart trainers, but I’m a minor techie, and like tinkering. To a point, that is almost required right now. I hope it will improve over time. The hardware and software should be as simple to use as our smart phones.

If you are looking for dead easy and reliable right now, a Kinetic Fluid Road Machine (and NOT the Smart ones) coupled with an on-bike power meter is tough to beat.

Happy to help more as you move forward, whatever direction that may be.


Just did my first ride on my new R1. I love the road feel and the power seems pretty accurate on the flats and up/down 1-3%. However on climbs like Zwift>London>Surrey Hills, the power is WAY off. I weight 203 lbs and on 10% climbs at 4 MPH it has me at 108 watts. Nope and nope. I recalibrated after about 20 minutes and it was still way off. I rode back into London and it seemed fine on the flats power wise, 0%, 18MPH 180-210 watts which is pretty solid reading. Not sure what to do. Not despairing yet because it’s only 35 minutes of riding. But I hope there are some answers. I did update firmware and do an initial calibration. I’ve been on the Rock&Roll for years and love it. I hope they support the R1 and get us all as happy ambassadors.


Welp, I hope we find some answers as well. Here is where I am at. The first unit they sent me was basically dead on arrival. It never worked. After a week and a half of radio silence from Kinetic, they finally replied to my 3rd message and sent a new unit. 2 rides on it in TrainerRoad and it works fine for the first 45 minutes or so, then gets stuck at whatever wattage TrainerRoad was prescribing at the 45 (or so) minute mark and doesn’t move again.

I asked them for a refund today. We will see what happens. I too have been a long time rock and roll and road machine user, but am really down on the company. 2 strikes plus poor customer service. Can’t recommend at this time. We will see if they honor my request for a refund.