New to TR. Event in 13 weeks. Upcoming 2 week vacation in the middle of it all. Here's what I'm thinking


From June - October of this year, I averaged a TSS of 1000. Since then it’s been more like 700. I have an event in 13 weeks that will involve a substantial amount of climbing. Here’s what I’ve put together, I’d like to know if it’s ideal, lofty, or if I should shorten base and go to build mid-way.

Base - Sweet Spot High Volume I & II with a taper week before the event. That covers 13 weeks.


We generally recommend getting through as much of you can of the first training phases, so in this case completing Base fully is a better way to go than trying to jump into the Build workouts before you’re ready.

Here’s a little more info to reinforce your decision:

Best of luck with your training and your goal event!


Great, thank you for the reply and the link.