New Trainer = New FTP?



Was thinking, if I get a new trainer, will I have to do a ramp test to re-establish my FTP (vs old trainer FTP)?



Yes, anytime you change power measurement tools, it is best to retest FTP.

If you can ride with both active, you may be able to evaluate if there is any major difference around your current FTP.

But a test is most often recommended.


What if you are using a PM with power match?



  1. If you started with a smart trainer, and then added the power meter, you should retest.

  2. If you started with a power meter, and then added the smart trainer, Power Match will still use the power meter for primary power measurement.


I was thinking about upgrading from Snap (with Stages) to Kickr (still with Stages). I can see why a retest with any significant equipment change would be a good idea. But the best idea would be to make that change at the end of the training block when you had a test anyway. Im not doing an extra test just for fun :wink:


Yeah, if you keep your primary device the same (Stages PM for you), you could easily change trainers with now power measurement issues.

What would change are things like flywheel inertia and feel in ERG at various power and gearing levels.

So, probably not a real problem, but could be a noticeable difference depending the the specific trainers in the transition.


I would do a retest anyway. The ramp test is always a nice thing to do. Just change it with the next w-out and then add some 60 Minutes of easy endurace workout like petite. At least that is what I usually do when changing trainers.




SOOOO … I should be OK since I am going DUMB Mag Trainer to a Smart Trainer, using a crank power meter.