Nokia Body+ (Withings) Weight to Garmin

I got a Nokia Body+ Scale for Christmas and was surprised to learn that there is no direct integration from the Withings Health App into Garmin Connect. I tried the MyFitnessPal route but was annoyed by how that changed the Calories module in Connect to Calories In/Out. I’m not using MFP to track my calories so that metric doesn’t mean anything to me…

Fortunately I found a new app called Smart Scale Sync that takes all of the weight metrics from Withings and passes them directly to Connect. It’s a paid app but it’s not expensive and the cost is worth it to me to make this process easy and to get all of my data in one place. C

If you have a Nokia scale you should definitely check it out:


Thanks for mentioning this! We’re always recommending the Nokia Body+ scale to users and I’m sure many of them want this data in Garmin Connect. Cheers! :raised_hands:


Cool, this sounds good! I’ve been looking for this for my Garmin Index!

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