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Any book suggestions for endurance nutrition?

Sweet spot base or traditional base after long break?
Meal Prepping - How To and Tips

The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald!

This is the Bible of endurance nutrition!


@JayD There are a couple of good threads on nutrition going that gives great advice here Your personal best way to loose some fat - anecdotes / experiences / examples of what kicked your *** and here Let’s talk about food 🍕🌮🍟

But, here is a list I posted in one of those threads:


There are two or more books From the author of this book Portables. And there are very good books from Hannah Grant (Amazon Video: Eat. Race. Win.). But it’s more daily nutrition than training fuel. There some vegan books with nice recipes : Brazier and Frazier


Agree, they are excellent. I would also add the two Velochef books by Henrik Orre, although I think the first one was superior.


I liked Run Fast Eat Slow and the follow up book by the same author. Some of the recipes we tried have been very well reviewed by wife & kid and been sufficient (read: lots of high quality carbs) to fuel intense TR sessions. Which isn’t something that can be said about a lot of other healthy recipe collections


I have found Asker Jeukendrup’s blog informative, credible, and well-written. The third edition of his book, Sport Nutrition, should be shipping within two weeks. Based on the preview, it seems to be a comprehensive and well-organized book, with a fairly hefty price tag.


Ouch $70 for Kindle and over $100 in print


Highly recommend Paleo Diet For Athletes by Joe Friel & Loren Corden. HAs awesome info on timing nutrition, pre post and during fuel etc. (don’t expect pretty food pictures, just great advice)


Highly recommended guy. His blog is a very good source. There are some Videos with GCN too.


I second that, anything by Matt Fitzgerald


I found this Integrative Nutrition book. this incredibly informative book is great for healing the mind and body of a person through food and vitamins. It doesn’t force a person to eat a certain kind of food or follow a certain diet plan. It simply helps a person to understand his body and act accordingly.