Olympic base mid volume, no recovery week



Hi I’ve been working through the Olympic tri mid volume base plan and have just finished the last week (week 6) I was expecting it to be a recovery week before starting the build. However while the tss has dropped slightly from the previous week, it’s hardly been recuperative. 45min of 2min V02max, 3 x 30min sweetspot and 90mins sweetspot. Plus the running and swimming.
I’m absolutely wiped out now and taking a unplanned recovery week.
Is the plan correct?


I’m coming up on this week and thought it looked a bit heavy. I’m planning to modify the brick day to a shorter ride and keep the intensity fairly low on the runs. I’m going into another base block after this so not too concerned as I’ll have a full rest day prior to the next ramp test.


Also, went poking after my last post and it appears week 6 isn’t intended to be a recovery week. It’s certainly not marked as one like week 4 is. I’m moving on the HIM MV Base next and that has weeks 4&8 marked as recovery weeks.

If it’s any consolation, week 1 of Oly build MV doesn’t look too bad!


Yeah I’d think of week 1 of build as your adaptation week - it’s about 20% lower tss