Our Training Plans are Improving



if you want some automatic adaption, you need some input data. In the case of TR, you are doing ergo paced intervalls, which means that the power duration curve equals exactly the prescribed intervalls. So basically you simply feed back the output data of the adaption algorithm to its input.
So as long as someone is purely using TR, not feeding in any outdoor rides with some efforts - you have no input data - as input = output.
With the exception of failed workouts (ramp test will always “fail”). Failed workouts could be used as a criterium to reduce intensity - but there is no criteria to raise intensity (other then a e.g. ramp test, but I assumed we want to eliminate testing).
This is why I think you have no other choice then considering e.g. HR to raise intensity.



Automatic adaption may sound nice, but one reason I am using TR ( a power based approach!) is because it doesn’t care about HR. In my opinion my HR (behavior) is more influenced by life around training, than by training itself (at least for me). Feeding HR information into some automatic adaption algorithm would feel like stabbing in my back :wink:

I’m more into the well educated athlete who can make his own decision, so feel free to throw some advanced metrics at me advising to adjust things, but please don’t adapt things automatically - or at least make a button to turn it off :slight_smile:


You just have a constant ramp rate that the model tries to fit to the athlete. Workouts are always increasing a little in intensity with the expectation that rides will be failed eventually, then they are backed off. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s guesses just need to be better then testing every 4-6 weeks.


If you’re not interested in using HR data, you don’t need to wear a HR monitor. Personally, I think more data is ALWAYS better than less data. If an AI can use supplemental data that it’s provided to better predict how to improve performance, than sign me up.


I’d love to see an option to alter the length recovery intervals when beginning a workout - I sometimes feel like the length is too long and hurting my overall ability out on the road.


Often times the + versions of a workout pack in an extra interval by shortening recovery time so you could check the workout variants before you start.


We just published our Build Plan updates! You can read about them and view a full change log here: Short, General, and Sustained Build Plan Improvements.


Any plans to revamp the tri plans?




Sorry for OT, but Norwegians like Blummenfelt do not train 80/20.
They do very high Volume with Sweetspot/Threshold, but nothing above.


Any ETA on those?


+1 for an ETA on triathlon plan updates.
Love how you are making these tweaks!


It’s how quickly Coach Chad can do them.

Road plans are next, then we’ll hit the next plans that are the most popular for that time of year. I believe tri is up next after that.


Thank you guys for all you do. I am relatively new to TR and it’s my first time, at the age of 51, doing a structured training program. Cycling late bloomer. I’m almost done with SSB LV1 and I have been very strict to do all the workouts as asked of me. I am so looking forward to my next FTP test and progressing to the next phase. Thanks again!


Not sure if this is in the works, but the following might be really cool to have as a part of the analytics provided to us as well as guiding users to the appropriate training program.

  • Comparison of your ride/training compliance to others in your same “fitness” category, either on a overall ride performance scale or on a per workout level (i.e. “75% of those in your same level of fitness and training progress have completed this workout successfully, 15% have taken additional breaks, and 10% have failed to complete”)
  • Plan/Intensity adjustment recommendations based on your ride/training compliance, particularly at the end of a phase (i.e. “Based on your compliance rating, it’s recommended that you repeat Base/Build/Specialty, before moving on to the next level”)

These might require a bit more analytics or some conclusions based on a wide subset of data but with the size of the sample size, I’d think you’d be able to get to an adequate level of confidence in rider recommendation. Maybe require that a rider to have logged a certain number of rides prior to this level of analytics.

Thanks to the TR team for all the hard work!!


Looking forward to this one too.

I’m not struggling with sickness (atm at least :slight_smile:) but with three small ones at home sleeping when I train, I have to jump of the bike from time to time, run upstairs and comfort, then run down again, jump in to the shoes and start again.

If I’m lucky, they will wake during the recoveries :joy:


From your workout update email
If you want to change your current plan to reflect these workout changes you have two choices:

  1. Remove the plan from your calendar and re-add it
  2. Find the specific workouts we changed and update those manually

2 points of confusion.

  1. If I remove the plan in its entirety and reload it with your new one do I lose the ones I already completed in plan? I just started SPB Hi Vol.
  2. Also in your email it says for the new workouts you don’t have to do anything and they automatically update but then the above email is confusing. Do they update within loaded plans or how does that work?


You won’t lose the ones you already added. You can delete the plan and then re-add it and set the same end date.

Some workouts were just updated. I believe some of the Bashful ones are an example. You don’t have to do anything or those, they will just update.

Sorry, this is a bit confusing.


Give him more beer! :beer: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here is a question / suggestion in regards to test day. Currently most of the medium plans, at least the ones I have used has the RAMP test happen on Tuesday then there is a fairly long endurance day on Wednesday. Tuesday is maybe 20-25 minutes long and Wednesday is one and a half hours long. Any thought about adding a thirty minute Endurance ride after the Ramp on Tuesday and making Wednesday an hour? I modified my training week last go around to do this mostly because I didn’t have that kind of time on Wednesday but I liked it and am contemplating doing it again.