Our Training Plans are Improving



Here is the list of suggested workouts following the Ramp test, if you want to do one.


Yah, you could totally do what Chad outlines below.

Are you going to do cal Aggie?


Yep, first race of the year for me. I will probably do the CAT 4 in the morning and then the 35+ Masters in the afternoon. You going to make it? Have you got your upgrade yet?


I think I have enough points because of a class I took a long time ago. I need to email and find out.

If I do get it I’ll do the same races as you!


Thanks Chad and Nate, west vidette -1 is the one I did last time. I will likely continue tweaking my weeks that have the RAMP test in it. RAMP and West Vidette -1 on Tuesday and Black on Wednesday instead of Fletcher. I still get roughly the same TSS at the end of the week and it keeps my workouts on Wednesday to an hour. Plus with the warm-up, RAMP test, and Endurance on Tuesday it feels like the day was used more efficiently. I could be wrong doing it this way and the TR team likely has their reasons for it.


Sweet, get it done and let me know. If you want to ride over together hit me up.