Our Training Plans are Improving



Here is the list of suggested workouts following the Ramp test, if you want to do one.


Yah, you could totally do what Chad outlines below.

Are you going to do cal Aggie?


Yep, first race of the year for me. I will probably do the CAT 4 in the morning and then the 35+ Masters in the afternoon. You going to make it? Have you got your upgrade yet?


I think I have enough points because of a class I took a long time ago. I need to email and find out.

If I do get it I’ll do the same races as you!


Thanks Chad and Nate, west vidette -1 is the one I did last time. I will likely continue tweaking my weeks that have the RAMP test in it. RAMP and West Vidette -1 on Tuesday and Black on Wednesday instead of Fletcher. I still get roughly the same TSS at the end of the week and it keeps my workouts on Wednesday to an hour. Plus with the warm-up, RAMP test, and Endurance on Tuesday it feels like the day was used more efficiently. I could be wrong doing it this way and the TR team likely has their reasons for it.


Sweet, get it done and let me know. If you want to ride over together hit me up.


I recall a podcast where it was mentioned that specialty plans for age 50+ and above riders were on the horizon. Any news?


They changed direction and are working on a different tool to address that issue, one that will serve a wider audience and have more functionality.


Is there any date for this being available?


No. We never get dates. Too many variables with software development to give good/accurate time projections.

When they did in the past, they missed the dates. That usually leads to more unrest than not knowing any date or projection.

Sorry there isn’t better news than that.




Hey @Nate I’m wondering what’s the ETA on possible changes to 40k tt specialty as I’m diving into that plan (mid vol) in week and half.



In the midst of another round of SSBLV2. Mary Austin, even at -1, still sucks. :blush:


I was stubborn when that one came up. I did Mary Austin straight up. It was brutal, but it felt so much better knowing that I’m still getting it done like I had the previous three times :wink:


Here are Chad’s priorities right now at a high level:

  1. Work on super secret feature
  2. Continue on tweaking plans. We’re going from most popular to least popular.

I’m hoping Chad will get done with the super secret feature in March.


Super AI coach promised for March. Got it.


@Nate During the winter, it’s easy to follow mid volume plans as the trainer is basically my only option. As it warms up and dries out, I’m having a harder time mixing in my Saturday team ride without feeling like I’m missing an important workout or trying to do too many hard rides. Would be nice to have a training plan option that included or took into account a long, hard, Saturday race training/simulation type ride or actual race.

I’ve been trying to create a custom Mid Volume Build plan, but, I’m unsure of my ability to do it right,


Normally you can just switch out your sat ride.

Are you thinking you’re not getting enough intensity/volume on sat or that you’re getting too much?


I think the TR Sat ride seems to be the most beneficial ride of the week and I don’t want to skip it. However, I’m not sure it’s beneficial to pack four difficult rides in per week. Below are the Sat rides on non-race weekends. I love the calendar feature as I’ve been able to try all kinds of variations. Right now, I’ve built a LV plan w/ 3 difficult rides on MWF w/ longest ride on Monday and added in some easier rides on Tue Thur and w/ the team ride on Saturday and take Sunday off. Would the Mid Volume schedule be better and just make the Sat/Sun ride on Monday/Tue and substitute one of the other difficult rides? If so, which one?


A couple options come to mind:

  1. Can you ride longer on sat to get your desired benefit?

  2. You could switch thursdays workout out with sat. Thursday is usually the least intense ride of hard ones and often times is a shorter version of sat.