Our Training Plans are Improving



When fitness is high I can do back-to-back hard days, but not 3 in a row. Kudos! I’m almost 10 years older, agree its better to find your limits than assume you can’t.


Your first FTP test was 119!! You’re killing it man!

Great job!!


Thanks @Nate, it’s been a long build to this point. I think I still have an average W/Kg… but having built from a rubber-legged couch potato, I’m pretty happy with where I am! Shows what’s possible with TrainerRoad!


I am finishing the six week SSB Mid Voume II today except for the easy week.
Of the five first hard weeks, I have failed all but the first Saturday workout (mostly over/unders) - but completed everything else.
My fails are not due to distraction or lack of effort. I have been extremely committed and have given my absolute everything, riding in my red-zone early and often and even throwing up on the bike on the fourth Saturday ride.
My feeling is that I carry strain from the VO2 max on Tuesdays and the FTP threshold rides on Thursdays (even though they are only one hour long) with me onto the Saturday rides.
I can only do the first four of (typically) six ten-minute intervals and have to bail on the fifth. I can then finish number six with the ten minutes additional break I get from not riding number five.
I am already sandbagging my FTP from 270 to 260 and I ride with ERG, which makes these rides slightly easier.
Does anyone recognize this pattern? If so, how do you approach it?
PS: My suspiscion is that TR underestimates the carry-over effect from the shorter week-day rides because TR does not distinguish sufficiently between completion on rides in the SSB plans and rides not in the SSB plan. But I obviously don’t know if this is the case.
Kind regards
Per :o)


I love your mentality!