Our Training Plans are Improving



Super stoked about the tweeks you have planned! Sounds like you could definitely head in the direction of more individualized training plans. I know for me after completing SSB 1-2 I feel like a stud ( relatively) but hen I begin build phase and feel like I haven’t been training at all! I just an average joe but man when I saw this I got excited and can’t wait to see where TR goes with this! Keep up the good work.


Any chance that TR is starting to look at some adapative training? Yes the ramp test is a great starting place. But surely every work out could be used as such. If one fails several workouts or has to turn down the intensity several times could softwear not make some adaptations to future training intensity or volume. To take it one step future say one is undergoing a training plan for a specific goal let’s pick cyclocross where some known traits are needed vs others like aerobic power. Yet it appears as if I am unable to produce as much aerobic power at VO2 (approximations) as the algorithm calculates I should. But I need this adaptation to occur in the coming weeks for My performance goal, the software could in it self alter the selected workouts to play to my needs and constrained physiology. Ooooooo the possibilities cheers


This is REALLY interesting stuff.

Have you looked into cardiac drift (read: numerical derivative of the HR data) during VO2max/threshold/sweet spot intervals? Could there be value in investigating this? The main things I am using HR data for: 1) How fast does the HR change during the interval? 2) How does the HR peak and drift compare from interval to interval?

Keep on doing what you are doing! MOAR DATA! :star_struck:


For example this happens when the DC current through an electromagnetic coil is switched on and off:

Green is the external voltage, red is the induced current through the coil, and blue is the induced voltage (up to a constant factor this is the derivative of the red curve).

Does this look familiar to you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The colors are almost right…


What volume plans are you attempting? I’m over 40 and a good number of other TR athletes are I understand so you shouldn’t be feeling like an outsider. I’ll be honest I only ever attempt low volume plans even though I can handle more volume - I mentally like to know I’m completing the plans rather than skipping workouts and happy to add extra workouts if time allows, or ride outside.
If the plans are too hard, maybe the plan you’re trying to follow doesn’t suit your strengths? I’ve found the VO2 workouts really tough this year but I know I prefer the longer steady state type efforts so after SSB I’m going to take 2 or 3 weeks and just work on VO2 and see what, if any improvements I make. I’m thinking I may have to start these with a lower FTP, or dial down the intensity but I’ll see how the first couple of sessions go.


I love when people take the leap! :grin:

If any?! Obviously you underestimate the power of the Dark Side! Do 3-4 sessions a week for 3 weeks and you’ll be flying. Have you read @chad’s take on doing exactly what you’re planning to do?


I have - that’s where I got the idea from!


Awesome! :+1: Good luck with it & always remind yourself that it’s literally making you a faster cyclist.


How come there are no changes to the SSB High Volume plans? I looked through the forum but couldn’t spot anything that explains why it’s only Low and Mid.


Because HV contains only SS workouts.

LV & MV contain VO2max and Threshold workouts; those were the workouts that were altered.


you are looking at a step response - pretty basic systems dynamics stuff.
But heartrate and TR is - just nono.
I do post ride HR analysis very regularly - checking zones match, HrNP, aerobic decoupling ect and just some chart gazing. Doing it for years allows to see a ton in that data. Would be totally an approach for post ride automatic intensity adaption.
During the ride, everything is power based, for sure.



How do you skip an interval? Im using a PC.

Secondly, as general feedback, as new user August 2018, I love TR and the improvements. Ive moved back to High Volume Plans. Currently on Build after SS initially. Did half of the Build in Mid, but like the extra work.

Im working outside on my feet now after 36 years at a desk. Thus I do modify the workout down from maybe 2 hours to 90 mins if Ive been standing all day. I also may skip/shorten Fridays easy spin if planning a 6 hour ride outside on Saturdays. Its summer in South Australia and most of our rides are 4+ hours.



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@MI-XC - I tried to do a 52 week prep for the MG100. Ended up a January hero like @Nate but the main point is that I found it hard to maintain the focus on the structured training. My intention was to do the SSB, General Build, Century, some races, then some more SSB, short power and marathon to bring me up to the MG. Although I made nutrition and some other training mistakes that resulted in a crash and burn around June, I think for the amateur rider one official Base-Build-Specialty cycle per year is quite an accomplishment. For this prep cycle I have been re-establishing my trainer habit since October using endurance rides slowly increasing volume to the point now where I’m doing two sprint workouts (e.g. Birling on my strength training days) and endurance rides like Baxter on the other 4 days. In January I will swap in a sweet spot workout and on weeks with a fatbike race (most weeks until March) drop the other sprint workout. This will bring me to March and 28 weeks out from the Marji. At that point I’ll start the SSB, followed by General Build. I’m debating Marathon and XCO plans as the there are only two long climbs and they are short but the rest of the course is a relentless series of full-gas efforts. Hopefully this combination of flexi-sturctured in the winter and the focused TR 28 structured program will be sustainable and lead to a successful Marji ride. See you there.




No, not yet. I personally don’t think HR is a good metric for this sorta stuff, but I do want to include it in ML learning to see if it can pull something out.


I can’t wait


Certainly not me! I went to Tyndall -5 to work my way up to the full Spanish Needle. Completed Spanish Needle -2, however, I had to extend some recovery periods by pausing the workout. I would love to see a feature that would allow one to extend the recovery periods.


Good to see that you remember your first semesters in college. :sweat_smile: I hope my students do too!


Me too


“this sorta stuff” = ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: