Outdoor workout Garmin Edge 520 interval power display

Hey all!

Does anyone know if there is a way to have a Garmin Edge 520 display current or 3 sec average power on the default workout lap screen when executing an outdoor workout (the one with the colored slider and time to go displayed)?
Currently it displays average power, which I don’t find to be very helpful real-time during the interval. As a matter of fact, I know that the guys have said on several occasions on the podcast that the best think to do is look at live or 3 sec average power, as opposed to chasing an lap average power number. I totally agree with this, as this becomes more and more difficult with longer and longer intervals (like longer sweet spot intervals).

Thanks for any tips!

TR recommend using a customised TR workout screen, and not the garmin one with the colour bar. It’s in the outdoor workouts introduction.
I had the same issue that the colour bar screen displays average power, which is pretty much impossible to use for above-threshold intervalls. Switched to the recommended TR screen and it’s much better, even though you don’t get the colour bar.