Over-Unders. Love 'em. Hate 'em


These are the absolute best. I consider these a REAL workout that mimic the way I (want to) ride outdoors… unrelenting and sustained. They always put my head in the right spot, push me physically and mentally. Feel a real sense of accomplishment after these because I’m worn out. Biggest gains with these on all fronts.


In my opinion they are probably the best training you can do,
Bike racing is just a series of over unders, even in a time trial how many courses are perfectly flat or consistent riding at threshold for an hour without dipping above or below doesn’t really happen very often unless simulated on a trainer a climb with consistent gradient lasting an hour , pro bike races are just ride under threshold attack ride above threshold recover under threshold repeat riding in a breakaway or pace line is just over unders


Hate them as much as I hate V02 max sessions but I know both improve me.
Actually fear rather than hate.

Bit like the dentist - you know you need to go but don’t look forward to it and feel good once the visit is complete.


Over/Unders are where the magic happens… :+1:


I feel like I get a lot more out of O/U than VO2max right now, but with lengthening intervals coming for VO2 that may change. Carpathian Peak +2 this morning… I dread O/Us when they’re coming, and love them when I’m in them.


Coach Chad mentioned that races are pretty much one long over-under session.


I find VO2 MAX workouts are my forte. I did Carpathian Peak +2 today and halfway through second set I had to back pedal twice for 10 secs and then the 3rd set I had to back pedal about 8 times or so but I got it done without reducing intensity so I was happy


Today’s Dale -1 was the first time I’ve felt anything close to what I thought VO2 max should feel like. I subbed it in for Mills in SSB2MV (2min at 120% without the dropoff), and it was great. Suffered through the final two intervals, for sure. That said, I think overall Carpathian Peak +2 was tougher last week. Feels like I can gut out a whole lot for 2 minutes when recovery is coming. I think it was way more mentally challenging to get through that 2 minutes above threshold when it was going to follow with two minutes just below threshold… etc. etc. The first few VO2 workouts have been way more manageable than the first two O/Us were for me.


This is a banger - link to Needham. Get ham.


I feel the same way. Every O/U interval I complete, I feel like a little piece of me dies due to how much I’ve pushed myself.

First VO2 workout I did…I bumped up the intensity halfway through.


Also love 'em hate 'em. Before TR I had a OU workout that consisted of 4 x 10 minute blocks of 1 minute at 90% FTP, 1 minute at 110% FTP. Any thoughts on merits of 90-110 versus 95-105?


How is your power so stable?


Just for you…


I have ERG mode ON.


Yea, they scare me too. I always wonder if I will finish them w/o lowering power. I have completed most of them save for a couple that just crippled me - maybe I was coming down with something, not fueled properly or had hydration issues; who knows.
Any of you barely finish one? I mean barely; just hanging on by a thread. Cadence dropping, out of the seat, watching the clock, judging if you can make it, HR climbing, sweat pouring off your head and all over the mat? Happened to me on the last 2, sometimes I wonder if my FTP is too high or just right?


I have a date with Mary Austin on Friday. She gets around, I hear. Not going to let her mess with my emotions.


I’m a big fan of doing 20min intervals divided up into 8 chunks of 2min@85-90%, then :30@115%.


“Barely finish” is how Over-Unders are meant to go, in a way they push you right to your limit.

That’s not any different to how the crits and road races tend to feel.


O/U should be tough and challenging causing you to mentally dig deep, but shouldn’t bury you. If you’re smashed barely holding on and have lost cadence and form then something is not right. Maybe you need a small reduction.

I was the same way when my FTP was too high…

With a 4% FTP decrease my workouts went from ripping out my soul to a tough challenge that takes mental fortitude, but still leaves me rested enough a couple days later (both physically and mentally) to hit the next hard workout. I no longer dread the workouts wondering if I can hang on again, but rather look forward to the challenge.


MI-XC, thanks!

Do you think not being able to hold cadence at the end of the last intervals is a sure sign of an FTP issue?
Here is avalanche spire from yesterday
Here is avalanche spire from September
Here is avalanche spire from March

I also find myself extending the recovery period before the last couple of intervals. What is your though on that? Thanks!