Pacing For Levi’s Gran Fondo


Hey everyone!

I listed to the podcast and read the blog post about Levi’s, but one thing was missing…pacing!?

Maybe I missed it? Using Best Bike Split, but I’m not sure what intensity factor to use?

This will be my third year doing it and I’m hoping to cash in my FTP gains and hit 7:30 (7:59 last year).




Hi! I will be doing the Levi’s GranFondo this Saturday too and I also used Best Bike Split to estimate my finishing time. I am fairly new to cycling metrics but I would suggest looking at past long rides of similar distance and seeing what you were able to achieve as far as IF is concerned. I read that using 0.75 for your IF is a good place to start.

For my last GranFondo (Whistler 2018), I used 0.80 in Best Bike Split but TrainerRoad reported an IF of 0.97 while Strava reported a 90% Intensity number. This was my A-race so I pushed myself hard (and came in 20 minutes faster then the estimated finishing time).

Also, good nutrition and hydration will help in keeping the intensity up on long rides!