Pain cave/workout area odor


My workout area is in a fairly well vented basement and we have to fans that run continuously, but after a solid threshold or VO2 max workout, the area is unihabitable for about 90 minutes due to the sweat odor. Any ideas or success stories for limiting or alleviating this? (Other than spraying half a can of Febreeze after every workout!)


I added a car air vent air freshener to each of my fans, so the are working any time I have them running. I still end up using Febreeze on occasion, but less with the fresheners.


Wet wipes! Wipe all contact areas, lever hoods, bars and saddle straight after working out. And if you ain’t got a towel down, wipe your mat too. Invest in some good fans. Put them all on a remote plug, from any electronics store. See gplamas how to on this.