Paris - Brest - Paris 2019


It was on my list for 2019 but unfortunately I don’t think it will work out.

Hit 400k on my longest ride last year so I’m aiming for a 600k, probably around June.


2023 for me. I’ve only done 2 seasons of Audax and I’m keen to build past my 300km max so far.

Besides, if I shoot for all my goals now, what will there’s be left to aim for in later years?


If you’ve done a 400, you’ve done the hard part. You can look at a 600 as a 400, some sleep, then a 200. I think 400’s are the toughest.


400k is the classic randonneuring distance. A 1200k is just 400k, 300k, 300k, 200k. So if you have ridden a 400k, that means you are ready for 600k and 1200k. I know some people want to have PBP as a goal, but doing it more than once is a better goal. My goal has been to ride a 1200k each year. I might try to do a 1000k in June.


I’ve just signed up for my first 400km in Wales this April, it has some 18,000ft of climbing.

Draft route:
Event Info: ( It’s A Kind of Teifi Traveller (414km))

Most I’ve ridden outdoors was a 121km last summer and most indoors was 143km via Zwift, on the recent Disaster day event. Currently doing the HIIT HV plan and soon to start the Century high volume plan before this event. Thank you Calendar!

Hoping all this training will have my body in a decent shape to complete the Welsh orbit. Do believe it will be more of a mental battle and I am really looking forward to it.

At some point I may look into doing the PBP but my ultimate aim is the tour divide and this is another step towards that goal.

Have also signed up for another 400km in May :slight_smile:


I just pre-registered for PBP. They sent me a broken pdf, hopefully that’s not bad news :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t think so. It just means everything is normal at ACP and you did everything correct. You really know you are on track when you prefer the information in French rather than the translation into English, even if you only know 5 or 6 words of French.


Pre-registered PBP-954, starting 18:30. My PDF worked out ok, but I can tell from others that you are not the only one to get a broken one.

There’s not much in it. Your particulars (address, email, phone number), your club association, your type (bicycle in my case, not tandem or whatever) and your starting time.


they finally sent me a good PDF yesterday, and I can see my details online now. 1800 start, front row! Okay, probably not the front row. I might try to get there on time to see the 80 hour guys off this time, I saw them on my way into Loudiac last time.


I’m 15 minutes behind you. Enjoy your training.


There were over 10,000 600s registered last year. Obviously some will be multiples by the same person and some 1000s by the same - but getting a bit twitchy as I only did a 400k last year due to other commitments.


I really don’t think you will have to worry. ACP says not to worry. There were still well over 4,000 places left after the first day of 1000’s.

Good luck!


If it makes you feel any better, I rode 2 600k’s last year. There were a lot of 600k rides last year in the U.S. It’s likely that fewer than 400 Americans are going to PBP. It really depends on where those 10000 rides occurred. I really doubt that those riders are going to take 4000 spots. OTOH, you might be starting later at night.


On the official facebook group, the PBP said that you’re only at risk of missing out if you only did a 300 brevet last year.

As a total #selfpromotion, the Ontario Randonneurs have a jam-packed schedule of qualifying rides going out of Detroit/Windsor, Toronto or Ottawa, Canada. It’s not too hard to get to if you’re near the great lakes.


400k preregistrations start at midnight Paris time tonight, correct? If you haven’t done it already, get an account on their site (inscription) now. There are 1300 slots open for 90h starts and 350 for 84 hour starts. I heard some complaints about the food being gone on the way back for the 84h starts last time. Not sure how slow that person was though. In 2011, I was caught by a number of 84h riders, and I had plenty of food.
To make an account, go to this page:
and click on the “register now” button. First step is to make an account, they send you an email to verify, and then later you can register when it’s time. Don’t worry about the results tab, they will ask for the longest ride you did last year, so have the certification number handy then.


Account already created. I think I’ll be ok - ACP posted their prediction which suggests 400s ok, some 300s not, 200s or no BRM won’t get a ride.

They’re looking into how to accommodate more riders but realistically it will be difficult to handle more.


Yes, the numbers they have are already a strain on the system. My only hope is to stay ahead of the bulge. I think 90h riders that are behind the bulge usually are in pretty good shape.


Got in without any issue - ended up in group D (80h) at 16:45. Last time I picked C because I thought A and B would be too mad. It was still mad.

D is fine - no issue with that at all. Going to have to focus my training away from rowing this summer and I’m going to aim for a PB time. Last time I wanted sub 75h, got sub 77. I’m going to target sub 70h.


Word on the street has it that the really, really fast riders choose a group or two back from the first start. Then they race like mad to catch up with the first group and try to ride their wheels the time out. They’re together, but the latecomers are 15 to 30 minutes ahead :wink: From your experience, it sounds like there might be something to that street talk.


I’m registered at the Tara200 in Ireland. If someone have any recommandations about it, that will be welcome !