Place for support tickets?


Dont know if there is a support sub topic in the Forum so please just move. I did a ramp test today and the screen just froze after I ended the test (before cool down). Please see attached pic.


oh no! Please send this to We’ll see what the issue is and get a fix in. An agent should be able to tell you your FTP too.

Sorry about this :frowning:


Arg! I’m sorry @mprima ! We’ll be on the lookout for that email from you, and we’ll make sure we get this taken care of for ya.


Don’t know what’s cooler. The awesome customer service or that @Nate the CEO was the first to reply. You guys are awesome.


I :heart:️ forums :).


I keep getting power spikes!!! Only joking, keep up the awesome work & love the new forum :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Drawing1


Haha! :laughing: That image of “Coach Pennywise Chad” is as terrifying as it is hilarious.

I’m going to run this image past our Product Managers to see how we can add it to workout screens. Clearly, as evidenced by your power spike, Coach Pennywise is an effective way to make people faster. :wink: