Please explain the small symbols at the bottom of the workout

Curious to what the gold cup stands for and also it shows a small silver cup with 2018 End x131…I know that 2018 end is one of my custom seasons but I’m clueless about x131…
anyone can help???

Not sure on the golden cup but I believe the x131 (in this particular workout for you) has to do with reaching some pr’s perhaps on the power duration curve (PD curve chart). Not sure but, I think they are related.

Correct. The gold cup is to indicate that you have set new power pr’s. If you have seasons set up you may see more than one cup. Say you set 5 all-time pr’s and 38 cx season pr’s, you’d get see two gold cups on would say x5 and the other x38. If you click on the cup it will take you to your power curve and you can see where on the timeline you improved.


I BELIEVE (but I am not positive) that you have a power pr for 131 seconds of the ride. I have found this to be a bizarre and not fun or engaging way of doing it.