PM Battery Level vs TR App


Wondering if anyone else experiences the following:

  1. activate power meter (L-side Stages)
  2. calibrate using Stages app; shows 100% battery level
  3. pair PM w/ TR app; shows 18% battery (now down to 6% since last week)

(reposted answer from a different forum)

The TR app just reports the value we get from the power meter, but there’s a possibility something funky is going on with the Bluetooth device battery characteristic when paired with our app.

Possible solution:

  1. activate power meter (L-side Stages)
  2. pair AND calibrate using ONLY TR app; shows 100% battery level
    (3. pair w/ TR first; shows 100% battery…then calibrate using PM app; flips to lower battery level)

Thoughts? Suggestions?


My Stages always shows 42% battery in TR. I just ignore it.


As you can see, TR needs to do a lot of work on this subject. I have a Ticket with them already!


I can confirm this as well.

Stages L Gen 3