Podcast 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment



Nate - don’t change a thing you’re doing. I love the podcast and the way you guys are doing it.

I’m not 6 foot 6 but your discussion with amber and the specialized wind tunnels guys discussing head height/position and aerodynamics was a great discussion brought on by your height. I found myself thinking about my tt position while driving because of it.

I love the Cinnamon Toast Crunch discussions. In my early triathlon days 15 years ago I would fuel my workouts with knock off brand lucky charm bowls. Your Popeye chicken discussions made me excited to get that kfc Cheeto sandwhich and offer to send you one. And even more awesome you wrote me back.

Change nothing


We get “Grass Roots” deal on specialized, meaning it’s the same deal that your local club would get if they were sponsored by them (which isn’t much).

Chad, Jonathan and I get a pro deal on Yeti stuff.

In the industry as a whole, pro deal usually means bike shop pricing (what the bike shop would pay to get it).


Nothing has offended me from any of the guys from TR, I don’t care about products they maybe getting or buying, Nate always jokes about asking companies to send them stuff. Who the hell cares, I sure don’t.

What’s narking me at the moment is there is starting to be a trend of posts of a negative nature in what is by and large a very knowledgeable and polite community.

I know you sometimes need to rock the boat a bit but it’s the tone that is concerning me.

Keep up the great work TR, upgrade the package as you feel fit but don’t feel the need to change your personality to suit those shouting the loudest.


I think you’ve explained this well enough, you’re not acting like a shill for the brands simply specifying the brands you ride in detail. Some comments make it sound like you should rotate to a different bike every week to be “fair”. I have a “pro deal”, it means I get the bike for free for 1 year, then I pay a reduced rate to the shop and they sell it. I save some money and always get a new bike, but it’s by no means my retirement plan. Most shops will do a good deal with top riders in the areas and/or riders that can influence others. I see how that applies to you guys both from a performance and influence aspect. You have pointed out numerous times this is the case, enjoy those S-Works bikes, they’re top machines, even without the “pro deal” I’d still be riding them.


Completely agree and I’ve been sensing a turn over the past several days; some posts feel kinda click baity. I think we all need to go back and review the rules and remember to ‘be excellent to each other’.




You ask the questions I’d like to ask. Keep up the great work!


Are you saying that my original post was clickbait? To what end? I had a conversation with my PT where he had some very good points. I shrugged most of them off originally even though at times I thought I was listening to the Nate show, Ive never really cared as I always get something out of it and always look forward to the podcast.

The beginning of podcast 196 pointed out how to ask questions and how to try and make them more general to everyone (at least that was the impression I got) and not as specific to one persons circumstances.

If any of you thought this was a personal attack on Nate then I really cannot communicate well! I explained above that I enjoy the stories, especially where Nate tells us about his races.


I hope you won’t change because of a comment, surely not.
I really like your podcast and what I prefer is everything related to race analysis / strategy / tips.
Keep on your great work !


Appreciate the details @Nate. For what it’s worth, I could care less what you ride and what you got it for, but when large segments of the show have more than once seemed to focus around these specific equipment vendors and @Jonathan has mentioned that the Venge is the best bike ever, I think it’s fair to be transparent.


You literally titled it ‘Episode 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment’ and that screams, at least to me, click bait.

As for the OP, I read it in full and it’s very good. I didn’t glean any of your comments as an attack. I was simply sharing my thoughts.


Understood, I’m older and not so internet savy! Ive never twitttered or my spaces or instagramed and am even afraid of pinterest.

Ive never liked the term snowflake especially the way it gets used today. Thinking on it now I obviously took it out of context.


There are plenty of people that love listening to the dumb things you have done. Because of you, I check my bolts before each ride. No need for you to even acknowledge someone that is “up in there feelings.” Just focus on making TR a great product. 1 week of using the software (and 1 week into SSB) and I am loving it.


I was probably was a little too harsh, now that I think of it. I apologize.

By the way, Pinterest scares me too :grinning:


I’m actually liking the later podcasts that focus on the host’s riding more than the early podcasts that seemed to speak in trainer road code about which plans the listeners should do.

I’m looking forward to the 24hrs of Old Pueblo podcast(s), more so than peoples questions about if they should do Climbing Road Race or Marathon MTB when training for their specific race.

Someone on here did mention that the TR podcast crew are like the Top Gear crew, with Jeremy Clarkson = Nate, Richard Hamond = Johnathan, and James May = Chad … I think they nailed it.


I am to… more so that is probably a type of event that I’d never have the opportunity to do so I’m living vicariously through others!


I am as well! I hope its a long one!


I’ll probably get shot down here for suggesting this but I do think the Podcast has become a little bit like the Nate show at times. It annoys me a little - enough to make me think again about listening as religiously as I did.

The episodes are getting longer and longer and the content much less focused. The live format brings exactly zero to the table in my book and the guys sometimes get lost in what they’re trying to tell us. Thankfully Chad is good at keeping things on track when he’s allowed to do so. Recording and editing to tighten things up would be much better and it would make it easier to interview guests remotely. In this day and age there is no excuse for saying that it’s difficult to get Amber on the show because she lives 3000 mile away…

Anyway, I always try to make criticism constructive - the show is generally good and I certainly will keep listening. I’d just hate to see people put off a great product by the podcast as it is probably an introduction to TrainerRoad for quite a number of potential users (one of the reasons it’s free).



That’s harsh - they’re nowhere near as annoying as those twats. (I like James May).



@Nate, Just ignore FatBoySlim.

There is aboslutely no reason whatsover to make this a personal slight against you.

What I 100% love about the TrainerRoad podcast is that it is REAL and PERSONAL.

If FatBoySlim doesn’t like that he can listen to another podcast.

Leaving snowflakes out of it (too many people are too easily offended), I sometimes find Jonathan hogs the podcast too much and the times when there are four of you, things seem more balanced.

As I said, your podcast is wonderful and I think it’s the VERY best cycling podcast/video on youtube.

It is this podcast alone that has gotten approximately 7 or 8 people that I know of to try TrainerRoad and I think only one person hasn’t stayed a member. (And that was because he has stopped riding at the moment).

Nate, I fully expect to hear lots of personal questions, realisations, wins and losses from all three of you in the future. You are all REAL and I love it!!!

Good luck in the 24 hour race.