Podcast 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment



@Nate It’s an ‘attaboy’ from me. I find your personal anecdotes prompt me to think principles and then how to apply them to myself. You add context and become relatable by sharing. Please don’t stop.


I certainly have never been offended by @Nate, @Jonathan, or Chad’s comments. However, I do feel like the podcast has drifted from technical/data based one that I used to enjoy to a much more conversational one in recent months. Personally, it’s starting to feel like I have a “seat at the table” and am listening to three friends share their stories/recaps vs a podcast DIRECTED TO the listener. Perhaps they’re running out of relevant subject matter, I don’t know, but I find myself only actually listening to the readers questions and skipping over the first half (at least) of the podcast.

All that said, I think hosting a weekly podcast is tough to make consistently relevant to a majority of listeners. My suggestion for @Nate and company is to ask themselves the following question: Would I want to listen to a TR user discuss their race approach/recap/what they ate on the bike/etc. on a podcast? If not, safe to assume many listeners will feel the same way about that question…


Nate doesn’t come across as a racist egotistical prick, think that’s a very harsh comparison.


Buddy have you read all my comments on this. Thought I explained it fairly well. This is not a personal slight against Nate in any way other than hes a “SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE” LMFAO.


Umm. I just listened to the first minute that has the comment. Talk about special snowflake if that offended anyone. Good lord people.

This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to and they do a fantastic job. Each one of them I feel like I could be very good friends with. The most genuine people that you immediately connect with.

I can appreciate someone posting something that is going to be a very minority opinion so kudos for that.

Nate you have nothing to apologize for. The questions you ask are spot on for new and old cyclists alike and it is greatly appreciated.


I totally agree that Nate has absolutely nothing to apologize for! I did not ask for an apology of any kind and I don’t think anyone else did!


I read your first one. Hence my reply.

Over and out.


Could you give me some more feedback on what specifically I could stop doing? Like comments that are only applied to me and can’t be applied to others.

I’m developing a complex over here :upside_down_face:.


Let it go Nate. Your great the way you are! I repeatedly have said that your stories add a hell of a lot to the podcast! You either do the things we want to do, are scared to do, have done, or we laugh with you while your telling us something stupid you did, that we’ve done, haven’t done yet, or we’ve learned from you so we wont!

I can talk to my PT next week to get more info from him!

I guess at times the conversation is centered on you for quite a while. But what is the alternative? Chad has been taking time off. Jonathon has been injured and your out there doing shit! makes sense that the guy out there that is getting shit done is talking about it!!! If your not talking we get “DEAD AIR”??? REMEMBER I said I enjoy most of the stuff your telling us! I find value in it and when I dont I kind of tune out… I do not turn off!!!

I guess if you want one thing from me then talk less about your eating. You all have tunnel vision when it comes to that subject. There are many ways to eat. The way you eat might actually kill my type one diabetic riding buddy. If I were to eat like you I would gain 7 pounds a day no matter how active I am. There are many ways to eat on the bike not just one. Going back to podcast 195 Some people HAVE TO DIET ON THE BIKE! Yes it may have negative consequences on performance. But what has more negative performance? Someone that is 100 lbs overweight on the bike or someone that is dieting on the bike to get rid of that 100 lbs. Or maybe the guy that just wont get on the bike because what the hell is the point.

There is absolutely as much science out there proving how bad carbs are for you as fat.

Anyways. Ive tried to repeat many times I enjoy your contribution very much.

I do think at times your company forgets that as customers we are all here for different reasons and you get to focused on a certain subject. All of us are OUTLIERS in one way or another. I’m an outlier to you as your nutrition would kill me. I’m an outlier to you as Ill ride 180 miles without eating anything and feel absolutely fine and do it again the next day. You trying to do the same might be a problem. I have asked for and was told months ago that a weight loss based program is not something that TR will do as it does not fit the market you are servicing. Ok, good enough. I just keep doing SSB1 and SSB2 over and over. It works. I’m still here paying you money. I’m an outlier here! I’m ok with that.

I really regret posting this at all. I was trying to relay a concern I have for a product I love and a show I am dedicated to. If I had not had the chat with my PT I would not have considered posting this at all.

If I could take it back I certainly would!

I am sorry! I do feel like a total bag of shite for bringing it up!


Ha! Read the first post and then stopped and got a beer, nibbles and settled into a comfy chair before reading on.

Firstly, let’s cut the OP some slack for posting what he knew would be a minority view and one that would also get a ton of flack heading back at him.

After that, I can empathise with him even though I don’t agree with his position. And I think there are two key reasons why he is wrong

  1. I think that Nate is just asking the questions that we would mostly ask in that situation, you need look past the specifics (nine bowls of cereal) and take the principles from it (extended carb loading vs last minute bulk intake). If you can’t see past that I can imagine that you would see it as being a bit self centered. I also get the impression that he has a subtle way of being self depreciating that could be missed by some?

  2. Chad and Jonathan don’t appear to be doing a lot of non work cycling activities or races at the moment, either due to life, injuries or other factors. So if Nate is, then it’s obviously going to be more about what he has done and what learning can be taken away.

Finally, these a real people being discussed. No one likes to have their personality traits dissected in public, so let’s all be a bit sensitive to that. No one is perfect and if the guys keep getting personal flack then why should they continue to interact with their customer base in such an open way? Find me another company that has the co founders and various employees interacting daily with the punters?

Peace and love, as Ringo would say. :wink:


@Nate it is working, thank you. Hearing your stories like spending close to a year doing sweet spot to raise ftp are inspirational.


One other thing, the top gear analogy is a good one, and I’ll tell you why.

Those three old farts have a natural way of interacting together. They don’t appear to need to work at it and you get their natural personalities coming through.

If they tried to change that it would be jarring, and forced. And you would lose the easy going nature and rhythm of the interaction. Let’s not have that happen here


Nate is awesome. So are Chad and Jonathon. The podcast would be less interesting if Nate didn’t include reports on his racing, training, and eating.

To be honest, this is my favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to, out of 25-30 different ones. The reason why is because of Nate, Chad, Jonathan, Pete, Amber, and their guests.


Personally I love those questions. They make think of what I could be doing for me. He can’t ask “what about someone with a size 12 then size 10 then size eight”. You have to extrapolate and then look for answers.



I think Nate is hilarious. In fact I really like how the three of you interact. It is without a doubt my favorite podcast and one that I never skip an episode.


The podcast is about making cyclist faster… And 3 of the host are cyclist themselves.

If I was the host wouldn’t I want to talk about my personal experience? My set up and the way I do things?

And the other half of the show is talking about your question.

If all they do is reference study this podcast would turn into a boring lectures… And do we really want that?

I have no problem about snowflakes and so on… Word dont hurt people unless you let yourself be hurt by them.

Either way keep doing what ya doing… I always have takeaways even when you’re talking about MTB or 24hr races although it have nothing to do with what type of cycling I do.


Personally I absolutely love the podcasts. For me, the mix of personal stories and scientific information is what makes it so great.

@Nate has really undergone a journey, personally and professionally, since the podcast started. In the early days it was super funny to hear the crazy things he was doing (Popeye’s chicken…) and hearing @chad say things like “Let’s see how that works out for you”. Yet @nate continued to learn, at times through trial and error, and last year became a beast of rider conquering Leadville in under 9 hours. In all honesty, watching/listening the whole thing unfold inspired me to try and take on Leadville this year. I might not do everything the same as @Nate, but I learnt so much along the way from him and the TR crew.

I really think the between TR, the podcast, @Nate @chad @Jonathan , and the whole TR community, something special is going on and I’m glad to be able to take part in it.


Sorry y’all, this is a long one, but I hope it explains a few things.

I totally see where you are coming from on this (we are indeed aware of Skype’s existence :wink: ).

We’ve made a choice to stick to in-person interviews as much as possible for the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast. That may change down the road as we begin to incorporate alternative formats to the podcast, but as far as our traditional Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast, we feel that podcast is best served with in-person guests whenever possible.

The dynamics of the conversation are simply different with an in-person guest than a remote guest, and I feel in-person guests are more conducive to productive conversation that helps us extract principles that make people faster for our specific podcast.

All of that said, we plan to use the podcast medium in more ways than just the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast, and that will include remote guests. :slight_smile:

This really makes me sad to hear this. :frowning:

As an FYI, the Specialized podcast had nothing to do with us having Venges (Vengi? I never know what the plural of “Venge” is…). In fact, Chris Yu and Dave had no clue we had Venges. When we told them after the podcast, they were surprised we didn’t mention that earlier. Point being, the podcast was not contingent upon us having or using Specialized products – it was a product of my reaching out to Specialized and expressing our interest in having them share the knowledge they have that could help make y’all faster.

Why do we seem to use/talk about Specialized products so much? To us, they seem to be the leader (note: “leader” not “the only one”) in data driven design that is focused on making you faster. It could all be marketing hype, I really don’t know… Frankly, the conflict of interest caused by using data from your own research methods and labs to sell your own products is not lost on us, but they “seem” to just be doing things right.

In short, we are not paid by them, we do not receive free product from them – we (individually) just like what they are doing, so we buy their stuff (isn’t that why all of us buy things?). The “Grassroots pricing” we get with them is what any local team would get, and that is decided by a local shop, not Specialized.

In terms of Yeti, I can also vouch for the fact that they had no clue what the podcast was until very recently. I am one of Yeti’s “Ambassadors”. What they look for in an Ambassador is a person who is helping grow the riding community, passionate about bikes, and jives with their messaging.

I rode their ASR at a demo day and fell in love with it, ordered one, then reached out to them about sponsorship because (1) I loved the bike and was genuinely faster on it than my Specialized (2) I felt their brand spoke to me in a way others didn’t. Somewhat embarrassingly, I watched the videos Joey Schusler used to make for them like a little kid watches his favorite Disney movie (far too often and with far too much enthusiasm :wink: ). I assume my involvement with the local junior cycling community, my racing and the content I put out on my social channels checked the boxes they needed to be checked for an Ambassador.

I can’t talk about the specifics of what I get from Yeti, but it is not contingent upon the podcast in any way.

Industry Pricing or Pro Deal is simply somewhere between retail and wholesale. In most cases I have found it to be 20-45% off of retail. Any business in the cycling industry has access to that sort of thing if they ask for it.

What do we get for free?

  • John and Shelly Peachell are the owners of Powder Creek Lodge and podcast listeners from the Kootenay region of Canada who heard how rough our time was at Singletrack 6 in the Kootenays, and told us, and I quote, “Like good Canadians, we’re sorry, and we want to show you a good time in the Kootenays.”. They told us there was zero expectation of promotion or exchange, but that they just appreciated what we do with the podcast and TR and wanted to return the favor (good humans). We mentioned this on the podcast.
  • Maurten sends me drink mix and gels occasionally. I’ve mentioned this on the podcast. They reached out to me on Instagram and asked my address, and stuff just randomly shows up every once in a while. Apparently this is par for the course, as plenty of friends on Instagram with similar reach experience the same thing. I’ve found it to improve my performance, so I have shared about it. They also had no clue about the podcast until recently (Apparently a good number of you have mentioned it to them).
  • A few of you have sent us different nutrition or other products to try. One that stands out was KOM Cycling sending their sealant injector and iPhone / Garmin Case mount (handy items). We have also received a couple products that have not been very good. Regardless, we explain to every person when they want to send us things that our podcast is not monetized through advertisement and we do not exchange product for promotion. In any case where we have found the product to truly help make us faster, we’ve mentioned the product with a disclaimer about it being sent to us on the podcast.

If we really wanted to get free stuff or sell ads on the podcast, we could make a lot of money and probably swim in swag and nutrition products, but that’s not what this podcast is about. It’s about making you a faster cyclist, so we stick to our guns.

Also, I feel like much of the industry doesn’t know about the podcast. It’s funny, because it is the most popular cycling podcast out there, but the cycling industry (not market) has an aversion to indoor training and data nerds that keeps us in the shadows perhaps more than y’all would think. When I tell the average industry person about our podcast, the typical dialogue is

  • Industry Person: “Oh sweet! So you do interviews with pros and industry legends like Joe Rogan does but for cycling?”

  • Me: “Nah, it’s entirely focused on making people faster. It’s called the “Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast”, so we just answer people’s cycling training questions.”

  • Industry Person: “… so you just answer people’s training questions? About, like, power and all that stuff?”

  • Me: “Yep! And it’s actually the most popular cycling podcast”

  • Industry Person: Looks at me with a look of complete confusion and lack of interest

In other words, people aren’t clamoring to give us free product. :slight_smile:


Please don’t feel sorry for bringing this up! As a company, we obsess over being better, and this sort of feedback is hugely valuable for us. I genuinely appreciate it, and hope this forum is a place where people feel comfortable speaking up, knowing they will get respectful dialogue on the issue at hand.


I personally don’t think this is an issue at all and I am sorry you feel bad about it. The only issue on this subject would be if you all were taking the products, pushing them on us and profiting from them. None of you are doing this and as well I feel you have been quite open when you have felt there is an issue!


I also thank you for the response Jonathan. It shows a lot of class.