Podcast 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment



I’m not saying you need to #ad every time you say something about specialized or yeti (I own a spec and yeti makes a great bicycle. I live right down the road from them. Great people). Or avoid taking about it. Those brands are lucky to have you guys. And a longer response was typed up, stopped in the middle of Raymond +7 to reply because I felt horrible that it upset you. We are all looking for the thing to get us over the hump, to crush, to drop, and have a great ride. Cycling is very influential. But, what works for one might not work for someone else. And I appreciate the transparency. Didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers.
These brands are lucky to be involved with you all, personally. Your results speak volumes as does your reach.

I am a huge fan, have listened to every episode, encourage people to use TR, and given out every referral I have. I guess, just forget I mentioned it.


I’ve actually really enjoyed the stuff on your ride at Leadville. I’ve always been fascinated by it, known people who have ridden it but haven’t done it. I felt like I learned a lot hearing about your experience, and found it interesting.

In general I am a big fan of the podcast and the way it is put together. That you and several others involved are also training, working on your own goals etc is part of what I enjoy.


Some people like Lisa episodes of the simpsons.


Snowflake, Unicorn, a twisted fork. They are all unique.

Anyway, I like it when the podcast gets personal. You guys, TR, show it all on your sleeves and I find it informational, humorous and relatable.



I thought the leadville episode was fricking awesome! One of the best you guys have had. I’m not blowing smoke up your tail pipe either!

This really is a can of worms that should not have been opened!


@Nate I’m a science nerd, any chance you’d have some good review articles detailing this?


Only my favorite episode… Have listened to this multiple times over. Tons of great info.


It honestly blows my mind that grown adults are getting upset about using the term “special snowflake.”


You can check out the related article section on the right side and get lost for hours!


So are they getting. 5 star rating on the podcast and app from the PT or not?


I really enjoy the podcast as is, but maybe one solution would be to embed timestamps of when certain topics will be hit in the description? I know some podcasts I listen to do so, and it means when I’m listening I can just click on it and jump directly to the start of the next discussion if I am not into the current one.


I believe we are doing this on YouTube now.


As someone who’s goes through periods of being bored wirh my music selection I listen to a handful of podcasts and I sometimes find myself wirh more podcast then time to listen. Joys of switching from a business job where I could put in headphones, to teaching where I’m more engaged. Love my career!

Anyways, with the podcast getting longer there’s no reason to think they have to be listened to all at once. I never understood that complaint. Drive to work 20ish minutes. Drive home 25ish. Now the lawn an hour. They can be broken down and picked up again. I find I pick it up just fine. In fact I’d rather have longer podcast then shorter ones. Fills more of my day, and I spend less time looking for something to listen to.


As an athlete who’s sole purpose this season (actually since June of last season when I gained a lotto entry), I actually derived a TON of value from that episode and wanted to hear a ton more about your experience! Please, don’t change a darn thing with your approach to the podcast; you guys are evolving exceptionally well, and the podcast is consistently getting better.


Wow; thanks! I just dropped all of those into my Leadville OneNote file for future reference.

You guys reference a ton of scientific studies on the show; is this something that can more consistently be provided in the show notes? I.e. Chad went off on the benefits of Z2 training, backed seemingly by a lot of science–would be great to see some links to dig deeper on some of this type of scientific commentary.


If we are going to comment on the podcast can we fix the only real problem with it and get the volume turned up? I have to max it out on my headphones just to listen when I’m on my trainer (kickr core). Otherwise great podcast! You guys could be a little less like special snowflakes though…


Here is the deal on SNOWFLAKE. Not a great term these days but that was not the point.

There was a discussion of how try to make the questions more relevant to a wider audience at the beginning of the podcast. As an example I used the specialized aero podcast. Nate mentioned he asked a question about his head position. Im not going to listen to the whole thing to find more examples and it really doesn’t matter. Nate asked his question and got an answer and that’s great. However I am much closer to Jonathan’s height than I am Nate at 6’6". Therefore that is a prime example of a SNOWFLAKE QUESTION. It caters to a very small portion of TR’s Customer base. That question asked by Jonathan would have applied to 10x more of TR’s user base thinking that Jonathan is much closer to average height of people.

Does it matter? Not at all. It was an example of a snowflake question by someone who I thought was asking people to not ask snowflake questions.

Simple point.

But I do have my real point of how this thread got started in my next point. It came up listening to yesterdays podcast.


A very good point. Even more important in my opinion is to run the sound through a program so the volume is always the same and not changing. I do think that it is better than it used to be though!


Good idea, I’ll bring it up to the guys.


I totally disagree with you on this point. The question was about how high does the wake extend and the answer was “not much at all”.

This applies to everyone. Have you ever had someone in front of you that was lower than your position? Let’s take height out of it, sometimes they are in the drops and you’re feeling a drat so you’re on the hoods.

According to Chris Yu you’re not getting a drafting benefit for anything that’s above the rider in front of you. You should try to get your head to the same level as the person in front of you for maximum aero benefit.

I’m sure we can all benefit from this knowledge.

If these are the type of comments you’re talking about, maybe I need to add color so people can make these sorts of extrapolations?