Podcast 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment



Ive been listening to podcast 196 Nate and I have finally put my finger on MY ISSUE!

Chad went into a deep dive on Z2 training I think it was. In the middle of his explanation you interrupted his dive and started inputting a lot of your thoughts and continued it on for a while to the point where Chad stated something along the lines of “WERE YOU READING AHEAD”. Its great that you have something to add to what he is saying! But can you wait until hes done and then add your points. In my opinion Chad speaks the least of the three of you and contributes less except when he has a point to make. Let him make it.

I WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY NATE! Ive made that point in many messages in this crappy thread! But I want to hear it after Chad has done his deep dive or at least when Chad comes up for air.

My intention is not to make you or anyone else feel bad. You lost my PT as a listener for now. He might be back. He may not. I’m not going anywhere unless you ban me or stop taking my money. I was trying to bring up a point that I thought needed addressing.

And again I’m looking forward to a leadville type episode on the 24 hrs!!!


I did fumble this one. I wasn’t part of the pre-planning meeting that we normally do because of travel. I thought he was done, but he had like 20 more minutes left!

Another interesting thing is that Chad asks Jonathan and I to jump in during his deep dives. He doesn’t like lecturing for 20 minutes straight.

We often plan these interruptions and they are written down on doc that we reference.

The one thing Jonathan and I are working on is we have to make sure Chad is completely done with his thought before we jump in. It’s not scripted so sometimes we jump in mid thought, which is annoying to everyone (Chad and our listeners).


I probably would, if Lisa had a graduate degree from Stanford :wink:


On your above post I did not go back and listen to the episode again. I’m going from memory from a few weeks ago and by what you stated. If you feel that you do not ask a lot of specific questions directed specifically at your own cycling then that’s fine. If you figure you do then that’s really not a big deal either is it! I figured out that it is not my real issue anyways.

As for what my issue really is… Well that’s my issue right. It either resonates with you or it does not. Whatever you decide I will support as I will keep listening to YOUR podcast.

Reading your above post. Yes I noticed Jonathan do the exact same thing in this last podcast and Chad again stated “are you reading ahead”

I did not start this to be a dick and unfortunately it took me a while to figure out what my issue really was and it was literally within the last 30 minutes when I was listening on my way to take my kids to a movie. I had this information for quite a few hours before I posted the first message and thought long and hard if I should or just keep my big mouth shut! If I didn’t give a crap about you guys and didn’t feel like I had some kind of investment in your product and podcast I would have kept my damn mouth shut. Like you, I don’t need this crap!


@FatBoySlim it’s called conversation.

Let them talk, some good nuggets to found in there. It is podcast not a class.


Good night all.



What’s with all the negative posts recently?

I think you are doing a great job TrainerRoad still on the product and podcast, keep it up!


At 36 years old, 3 years of structured training, occasional races, mostly ride for fun, 3.1w/kg, I think I am an utterly average athlete according to the bell curve. I therefore propose doing an athlete interview with me on the podcast. I’ll ask all the really general questions and the lads on the podcast can basically build my training, nutrition and equipment plans that will apply to a large swath of the listeners. I am willing to make that sacrifice for the good of TrainerRoad users everywhere. :joy::grin:


Don’t, even if not everyone agrees its an interesting point of view and worth discussing


I very much agree with this.


It’s not the length that’s the problem - I have 2 hours every day on a train to listen to or watch watever I want. My point was meant to be that they seam to be getting a little more unstructured and rambling at times and this is making it harder to listen to for me.



The plural of “Venge” is “I have too much money”.


Grown to love the Podcasts, don’t change.


Seconded. I also occasionally listen to the ‘Run to the Top’ podcast, which seems to mainly revolve around telephone interviews and it doesn’t have the same spontaneity and spark as AACCPBTR.
Another kudos for TR is that there’s no cheesy intro/outro music or disruptive sponsor breaks. It’s just three, occasionally 4, people talking about cycling. And that, I really like.


Thanks for responding. I’m glad you’re looking at different formats. After 196 episodes I do think it’s time to bring something fresh.

Still waiting on the Stephen Seiler interview… :wink:



On a bit different note, does any love having new words in the English language that elicit such a powerful response from the overly sensitive? It’s so valuable, I won’t even mention it again in this post! Gotta keep that tool in the back pocket for maximum effect :wink: geesh :roll_eyes:


Nate and Crew - don’t change anything. I thoroughly enjoy the podcast as it is, especially Nate’s enthusiasm towards the sport and bettering himself as a rider. I picture him as a big kid who gets excited every time he gets a new piece of gear or comes up with a new idea to improve performance, and for me, that enthusiasm is contagious. I look forward to every new podcast (listen to them to and from work), and replay old ones in between. The TR product and the podcasts are top notch.


For me personally, it is the more ‘human’ aspects of the podcasts that I really like. There are loads of training podcasts out there (and other resources), many of them cover similar training questions, so there’s nothing particularly special about it all if its just the training stuff. I really like hearing about what the individuals have been doing, how they have been finding things, and how they cope with competing demands. For me, it is Nate, Chad and Jonathan as people that keep me coming back to the podcast.
I like getting the feeling that I am getting to know the TR team through hearing about their experiences, especially as they are all at different stages in their sporting, personal, and career lives. I find it more interesting to hear about how Nate, with a busy full time job running a software company, manages to pursue his cycling ambitions and make positive changes to his lifestyle (so few mentions of Popeyes now!), than I do hearing about elite athletes whose lives are so alien to my own. It’s great hearing how Jonathan has been learning to manage everything with the pressures of a young family. Recently, it’s been great to hear about how Chad has been coping with the struggle of trying to regain proper fitness after such a big dip.
I’m guessing that the majority of trainerroad users and podcast listeners have busy lives with lots of competing pressures. I spend most of my day tied to a desk, with limited time to balance out the things that I really love - my family, friends and the bike. Yes, Jonathan, Nate and Chad work for a software company that gives them rather more opportunity to train than most in a similar position would get, but they still have to deal with the same pressures that most of their users and listeners do. Hearing their personal stories and experiences makes their answers to the training questions much more relevant to me, as I can extrapolate their experiences onto my circumstances.


I read through a bunch of these and just gave up at some point.

First the personal information makes it very real Jonathan’s baby belly, Nate’s iron guy, Chads passion for beer it makes them all real. I don’t want to know what Chris Froome is doing because never in a million years would it relate to me in any way. The fact that they have real life issues going on and still work in training is what I would guess 99 % of us have to do.

As far as how they speak of products they make it very clear that they are not sponsored every time. When they spoke of their bikes they talked about a small discount from a local shop. When they speak on nutrition they tell this works for them through lots of trial and error. I for one enjoy that as I definitely err towards what Nate says because I am more relatable to him in food.

I listen to ever podcast multiple times and have never been offended or upset. Folks need to lighten up. The snowflake comment is nothing more than saying Jonathan is a special kind of athlete not many folks can step in from a de trained perspective and do 4 W/KG that is what the comment is not the political driven snowflake term.

I for one am extremely thankful for the product and podcast and the real ness of the people involved.

Keep doing what you are doing the majority love it.

Also the race talk I personally crave and find ever bit of it interesting even the MTB stuff and I don’t even own a MTB.

Thanks TR!


I do agree there is a lot of chat around the TR teams own activities - however i think that gives a really good spread of riding preferences, goals and plans and stimulates folks to ask their personal questions as a spin off to the subjects being discussed, love @Nate enthusiasm and as a business leader putting himself up as a genuine guinea pig and the advise from Chad and Jonathon is one of the main reasons I choose TR as my go-to training resource and platform over others i have tried… I am not a racer, I just want to enjoy my cycling as a mid 50’s bloke with some cycling events each year and i find the Podcasts help me …

On a more important point, is @Nate crit race footage out now or work in progress - if available can someone help me with the link ?

Edited by Chad Mcneese:
Here is the crit link.