Podcast 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment



There are a bunch of new videos up from races on The TR YouTube channel.


Or conversely (my takeaway) at 5’6", I’m probably not providing much of a draft to anyone taller than me and if I can get even lower I can put them more in the wind and make them work harder.


I’d actually watch this. Especially if you added in some Peep Show style internal monologue.


@Bigvern777. Glad to hear that Cinnamon Toast Crunch also works for you as it is a necessary step for me prior to ramp testing. Deserves more discussion on the podcast.

Agree @Nate should change nothing. I love his curiosity and personally find it inspiring to hear about a guy with a family and demanding job still transforming himself into a faster cyclist.


Personally while we are complaining I want them to stop talking about anything that is American centred, races I can’t go to, products unavailable outside of the states, cinnamon toast crunch and Popeyes (is Popeyes affiliated with a sailor man?)


Just read through the entire thread, made for “interesting” Sunday morning entertainment and got me through 2 cups of coffee.

+1 on love the podcast and no changes needed, making my way through all of them a second time with my 50 minute commutes to and from work. Thanks for adding the recent addition of the “live comments”.

I see an artistry of podcast gold between @Nate, @chad and @Jonathan. Each bringing something unique to the table. How I see the presenters:

  • @Nate: The Nerd/Brains , who is the giddy “average Joe” with all the enthusiasm and craving to be a better cyclist. The most relatable (and funny) to the majority of his consumers. Also the genius behind an amazing training platform and expert in all things technology, software, trainers and how it functions interacting with TR. Not to mention, willing to experiment with any and all fringe ideas, products or nutrition to be a faster cyclist. It’s been great/entertaining/motivating seeing your growth and pitfalls as a cyclist.

  • @Jonathan: The Cat 1 Athlete/Racer: the guy most TR users “hope” to be in regards to w/kg, race craft, tactics, bike handling, determination, mental toughness and a “touch” of genetic gifts (world class CDA). Also a great host that makes the podcast work between 3 quite different personalities. Invaluable to the racing crowd of TR users.

  • @chad: Grizzled Vet/Training Master: he’s been there and seen his glory in the past and is no longer living just to “win” or reach his best w/kg or FTP. He’s longer in the tooth and has adjusted his life and cycling goals/ambitions appropriately. Also of course the brains behind the training plans, structure and science behind it all. If you want to know the “why or how”, @chad is your source.

I have to admit I really enjoy the podcasts and look forward to them each week. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


This why Nate is special. He built TR, and built the team that is the company today.


Just to add in 2cents, but I really feel race reports are extremely beneficial. You guys and gals are taking the time to go over your personal experience and what worked/what didn’t. These sorts of stories not only bring us to your human side, but give us some ideas of what might be helpful to us on race day. Sharing what is helpful to someone may not actually help everyone, but it will help some people. Also will say that the Kona week interviews are some of my favorite episodes.

Also to defend discussing marginal gain strategies, marginal gains might sound like minutiae, but if you can string a few of them together they are no longer marginal. The best of the best don’t chase single marginal gains, but a lot of them and strive for excellent compliance and consistency, both on the training side, and mental side.


You’ll always find some people who don’t like something. I don’t like the CyclingTips podcast where they can drone on for what-seems-like-hours about niche gravel bikes and bottle cages. I’m sure some love it. I really enjoy hearing Nate and the guys talking about what they do - they have great chemistry, really useful insights (however tall you are or aren’t) and it’s interesting and entertaining. Keep it up


I am a 57 year old female who just started cycling a year ago after losing running to chronic injuries. I have no personal interest in racing. I’m the complete opposite of Nate, Jonathon and Chad, but I love your podcast! I listen to about ten of them, but yours is the only one engaging enough to listen to during a series of over/unders. I’ve listened to your whole catalog and have never been offended. Thank you so much for the plans and the podcast. What a bargain! They’re getting me through a New England winter. I wish I could eat like you, Nate.


I do feel like the show has changed. I can’t put my finger on it but it has definitely changed. I find myself scrubbing forward to the actual questions bc the intro seems to be one note every week but I still listen. It also seems impossible to get women specific questions answered but the snowflake comment and comments from the hosts when amber was on puts that into perspective, and I’m ok with that. The forum members, podcasts hosts and guests are typically male and as such it’s probably not fair for me to expect coverage in that space. That said if anyone knows of a good endurance female athlete focused podcast I’d love to add that to my rotation with TR.


@Nate You’re a massive reason why my workouts have improved over the past month. This has literally changed my training. Please don’t stop what you do.


I for one enjoy the banter as much or maybe even more than the questions. Frankly we have the forum for a lot of the questions, it’s fun to hear the guys, especially Nate, talk about their actual experiences not just as TR developers but as TR users. I mean, there is t any other company whose CEO puts himself out there and exposes his successes and even failures with his own product. It’s unprecedented really. And Nate is relatable as a proxy for us, since he’s grown in fitness but is a cat 4 level racer still figuring stuff out. I wouldn’t change things as they are, definitely not stale by any means


I believe the guys have said before they don’t typically feel comfortable answering women specific questions, because they can’t relate/don’t have the experience to comment on it. Sometimes Nate is able to answer them, just because his wife is an endurance athlete as well. Hopefully they can have more female guests on in the future, like Amber, who can answer these questions for you and other women.

I don’t pay enough attention to this forum, but maybe they could sticky a thread at the top for female specific questions? I think it would have to be modded heavily though so it’s not just filled with guys giving their 2 cents.


We don’t get them. Please ask, if we don’t know the answer we’ll find out. Dr. Simms will be on the podcast in the future and she might be the world’s top expert on women’s specific cycling issues. We can also batch them for her.

If you’ve already submitted a question that you think we should answer that we haven’t, please email me at nate@trainerroad.com so we can be aware.


Yep that’s what I was referring to in my comment. Hence it’s unfair of me to expect that anymore, and my request for known endurance podcasts for women. That sentiment may not have come across in my original post.:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


I wait every week for this podcast. Every one on it has a role as mentioned above in posts. Tons of information and laughs. It also brings the trainer road community together.


Yes. I was just thinking about how tedious a camera on my aero bars would be…going around the roundabout and having someone come past you like you are standing still would be the only ‘exciting’ bits!


I can’t be arsed to read through all 140 replies but I just want to say I’m 5’8", a mountain biker, a casual rider and I absolutely love the @Nate Show :wink::grin:


I love that Nate and Jonathon (probably Chad too) exhibit the same excitement about bike stuff as I feel and that we all felt when we were kids. More of that, less being worried about what others think… I think that’s what we all need.