Podcast 196. Nate and the special snowflake comment



Hey @Nate, can I get a pro-discount on one of those sexy coffee mugs you have laying around the office!?

It’s really cold up here in the Northeast, with lots of snowflakes in the air. I could use the mug! :wink:

Love you guy’s!


All I know is that I spend way too many hours at a desk everyday. I’ve went through so many cycling podcasts that I’ve lost track. Maybe I’m just picky, but there are very few that I have really gotten into and can’t wait for the next one to be released. TrainerRoad is by far my favorite. Besides great personalities, I find it the perfect mix of race reports, nerdiness, and cycling tips.


For my taste I’d rather hear more of the research backed science-y stuff from Chad. I find that to be far more universally applicable than the n=1 anecdotes. I wish they would start another podcast called “trainer road presents coach chad does science” where he answers the questions, maybe with the help of pete, with the use of the research studies and case studies that have been done. Might be a little dry but far more informative and with less interruptions.


You should check out our youtube feed. We are cutting out Chad’s deep dives so that you can consume those all by itself.


I agree. I find the information presented by Coach Chad to be the most relevant part of the podcast I just wish there was more it. I would love a best of Coach Chad compilation!


“Coach Chad’s deep dives” sounds like a great name for the spin off podcast as well.


The next Jaques Cousteau


I think we should create a youtube playlist with just Coach Chad’s deep dives.


Nothing needs to be changed. Please be yourselves. The world is nicer when people are genuine and aren’t walking on eggshells.

Although the OP has a right to his opinion, I find this thread distasteful and disrespectful. Sometimes you just don’t like something and hit the fast forward button. I do that with all the mountain biking stuff. It’s fine; the world doesn’t revolve around one person and their likings.


I just want to remind everyone that this is a FREE podcast. As far as I know, TrainerRoad is not holding a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to listen. Also, the “30 Second Skip” button was invented for a reason…






Could not disagree more. Nate allowing us to hear about his struggles and “age grouper questions” is part of what makes the podcast so great. His snowflake comment was merely trying to help people understand that with hundreds of questions coming in, the ones that will be answered are the ones that apply to the most people. You missed the point. And you probably need to lighten up a bit.
Ps I love hearing ways to Carbo-load


I would never stop geeking out on this.

Might I suggest a second play list called “Story time” where you guys store your recollections and race reports. I would also sit on my story time rug and listen like a Kindergartner while Pete picks apart your crit mistakes.


@Nate I am a 6’3” rider and I want to listen to more questions related to tall riders. I think you do an amazing job of not only asking questions from your POV but also sharing a lot of your experiences which have been extremely helpful for me as a tall, heavier (190 lbs.) rider. Thanks for all you, Chad and Jonathan do!! Please continue to share and ask away!!!


I simply enjoy every aspect of the podcast, it’s like nerding out with your bike friends who just happen to Chad, Nate and Jonathan.

Everyone entitled to an opinion, but please don’t change a thing fellas. It’s a really genuine podcast by cyclists for cyclists

I literally started cycling because of you guys. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better since then, and I won’t be looking back.


Can you blame me? I live in FL and I have to literally travel about 1000 miles to northern GA to find the first hill.


@Nate and the guys, you are doing an awesome job, don’t change a thing (apart from maybe get Amber back in!)

Sadly everyone seemingly has a right to get upset over pretty much anything these days, good luck to them as life is just too short!


@Nate is my hero at the moment. hearing how he has gone after his nutrition not just on the bike but throughout the day has inspired me to get a bit more analytical with my food and really opened my eyes to what I am actually eating. as an example, I have always had oatmeal for breakfast, and unintentionally added loads of ‘healthy’ extras (flax seed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chai seeds, hemp seeds, peanut butter) after hearing how big Nate’s breakfast was, I weighed out my food for a week and looked at the nutritional breakdown. All the seeds, and peanut butter were adding nearly 600 Cal of fat to my breakfast! making a small bowl of oatmeal (only 35g dry oats) into a 1000 Cal monster! having identified that I was getting nowhere near 70% of my daily calories from carbs, I have made several changes and am seeing the results, weigh is dropping (and staying off) and I am feeling way stronger for all my sessions.


Personally, I love the product and the podcast! They’ve been tremendously helpful. I do have to say, @Nate if you DO want some constructive criticism, my friend and I (so an n of a whopping 2!) notice that you interrupt or add a bit to much of your personal experience that cuts off what feels like very insightful comments by Chad, Jonathan or your guest.

I think you do have that “little kid” excitement which is cool along with a bit of ego, which is natural which causes you to do this. If you could just “back it off” just a bit, be cognizant of it I do think it’ll help the podcast.

Regardless as I started off with love the podcast and product so thanks you all!!!